Crista Ann Ames, Propitious

Karl Schwiesow, Shadow Tool

Kimie Fujimoto, From the Desk Of

Laura Mentele, Dissonance

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August 7-29, 2020
Meet the Artists: August 8, 10am-2pm

Exhibit Sponsors:
David Fiske – Edward Jones
Puget Sound Energy

Main Gallery & Mezzanine:
Time S T R E T C H – Crista Ann Ames, Karl Schwiesow

Time Stretch may bring to mind the drawing out of a singular moment, a lengthier period of time, or, in the case of this exhibit act as the denominator under which Crista and Karl examine combinations of linear and non-linear, representational and abstract, divergent and convergent modes of thinking and making. Their creative partnership has allowed them to share a little of each other’s making practice and conceptual strategy over the past several years. Though their works remain distinct, they share impetus through materiality and concept stretched over time between them.

Crista Ann Ames is a sculptor working primarily in ceramics, wood and textiles. Through the layering of mythology, iconography and personal narrative, Crista explores how our own animal nature relates to the ways we establish and sustain personal relationships. Raised on a small hobby farm in Washington State, Crista often draws on her own experiences to explore pastoral life, animal husbandry, women’s craft and fertility.

Karl Schwiesow explores the coding of objects through interactions of ceramic forms and multimedia objects. As a maker, he allows himself to curate, to appropriate material, pull it from context, transmute it, and dissolve its previous purpose and meaning. His works often explore functional fixedness through post-structuralist modes which employs found and altered objects with ceramic components. Karl often draws on his visceral experiences as a commercial fisherman, builder, outdoor enthusiast, and educator to inform his approaches and concepts.

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Eveleth Green Gallery:
Every Painting a Prayer – Kimie Fujimoto

Kimie Fujimoto believes in art because it helps her find beauty and meaning in her life. It helps her to see more clearly the world in which we all live. It makes her ask questions; makes her more curious. It keeps her awake and aware. It brings so much pleasure. It acknowledges human suffering.

As a life-long learner, Kimie is very curious about many subjects. Now, in our current world situation with the Covid-19 virus pandemic, she finds herself easily distracted. She finds it challenging to focus on anything.

That being said, these images reflect in their different ways the results of an experiment she has been conducting with herself: to track an elusive feeling, to try to catch an image of that
fleeting “something” that is glimpsed out of the corner of her mind’s eye, and to paint it into a colorful, if mostly symbolic certainty.

Kimie was chosen as the Exhibit Award recipient in our 2019 Open Show.

Hallway Gallery:
(Pneuma) Revealed – Laura Mentele

It has been Laura Mentele’s observation that frequently there is a disconnect between who we believe a person to be and who they are. The content of each of her pieces reflects upon this as well as explores emotional pain, vulnerability and strength using the female form.