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Patricia Cutright & Ken Girrard received the award in 2024.


The Theo Van Gogh Award is annually given by Gallery One to a community member who quietly demonstrates continuing support for the Arts, much as Theo did for his brother Vincent.  This kind of support is essential for the survival and strengthening of the Arts in our ever-changing and evolving Central Washington community.

Congratulations to all our Theo Van Gogh Award recipients over the years:
Jim Armstrong
Bill Bender
Ed Bliss
Jan Bowen
Becky Craig
David & Carol Cross
Patricia Cutright & Ken Girrard
Jane Orleman & Dick Elliott
Alex Eyre
Mary Frances
Brian & Elizabeth Frederick
Ruth Harrington
Carol Hassen
Carolyn Honeycutt
Robin Hull
Bill Kunerth
Bruce Magnotti
Kitty Moe
Joe France & Anita Plumb
The Petrina Family
Peggy Schaake
Greg Schlanger
Gary Severin