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An Incubator for Creativity

The Ink (named for its location as the former printing room of the Daily Record)  is designed to act as an incubator for creativity. It is a shared space for artists, creative businesses and creative nonprofits to interact with each other and the greater community.  Gallery One’s mission is to provide access to the visual arts through education, events and exhibition. The Ink is meant to expand access by drawing together creatives of all disciplines in order to provide a collaborative work environment. The Ink provides creatives with a space to further the impact of their art, expand their customer base, increase their community engagement, develop their ideas, and market their work.

If you are interested in becoming a creative resident of The INK, visit for more information on submitting a proposal.

Blue Bear Puppet Lab

Art brings a community together. Blue Bear Puppet Lab enhances communities and community events.

Manastash Media

We are a grassroots full-service marketing agency that connects community through storytelling, and helps a curated selection of businesses and nonprofits do the same.

Ellensburg Community Radio

Ellensburg Community Radio has been streaming online since late October 2014. We operate 24/7 with an eclectic mix of diverse music. Community members have stepped up and we now have locally produced programs breaking into our stream throughout the week. The programming is as quirky, sophisticated and unique as our community.

Michelle Raney

Based in Central Washington, Michelle is a photographer and creator who predominantly employs a low-aperture technique to capture her subjects, crafting a dewy, dreamlike atmosphere. Her aim is to showcase the allure of innocence and grace found in the unfiltered human figure or eye, while simultaneously seeking beauty within the ordinary and extraordinary moments of her daily life.

Darsana Arts

At the age of ten the owner of Darsana Arts was handed a camera to document a smokestack demolition and instinctively she let the shutter fly with the first whisp of smoke and ended shooting with the last. She took photography class in high school, and has been shooting as a hobbyist for 27 years. She enjoys shooting rodeos, concerts, and black & white nature scenes. She is curious about experimental black & white processes. Currently she is experimenting with paint on photographic processes and vice-versa. In her spare time you can find her at photographic conferences, touching rattlesnakes on day hikes with KEEN, and laying in a hammock listening to birds, which influences her craft. At the 100th Anniversary Fair, she won 3 blue ribbons and 5 red ribbons.