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Our Resident Artist Community

The Resident Artist Studio community is designed to act as an incubator for the visual artist.  Through a working studio space, neighboring artists, supporting programs, and exposure to the public and art community, Studio Space will provide participating artists with a foundation to further the impact of their art, expand their patron base, increase their exhibit schedule and market their work.  This partnership between Artist and Gallery will strengthen both entities.

Gallery One Visual Art Center offers individual studios to artists at an inexpensive rate to support local artists and to create an atmosphere of energy and the production of art.  Artists are allowed the use of the facility and are encouraged to be open during First Friday events to talk to patrons and show and sell their own work.  They are also invited to an annual exhibition in the Eveleth Green Gallery.

Find out more info on our Resident Artist Program.

Neil & Tamara Caulkins

Guitar Music

A forgotten manuscript of duets by Isidro de Laporta (fl. 1790-1820) on the shelves of the Royal Conservatory library in Madrid introduced Neil and Tamara to a wealth of early nineteenth century music for two guitars. They are currently bringing this repertoire to life through research in archival sources and a study of historically informed performance practices including improvisation. Neil plays a replica of a seven string guitar made in Mirecourt, France, by Aubry-Maire in 1840 and Tamara plays an original anonymous French instrument from about 1825. The duo curates a Guitar Arts series of intimate performances by visiting musicians in the luminous space of the Eveleth Green Gallery.

Find out more about the duo and keep up with their performance here:

Sofia Romero

Mixed Media

Sofia was born in Pason, Utah, as the second child of what would later be a very large family. From a young age, they have been enamored by nature and preoccupied with the desire to visually capture it. From what they can remember, their journey into the world of art began at five years old, with printer paper and crayons. Since then, Sofia has spent many years experimenting with different materials and growing as a mixed-media artist. They have recently received their Bachelor of Fine Arts from Central Washington University.

Lately, Sofia has been working primarily in water-mixable oil paint. When they aren’t in the studio, they enjoy birdwatching with their spouse and cooking.

Cindy Deck

Cindy Deck is currently working at making functional art in ceramics. She is interested primarily in the abstract sculptural form. Her subject matter often deals with human nature, communicating this through use of organic shapes and surface treatment.

Tarra Hall


Tarra is fascinated by the concepts and patterns found when studying chemistry. The seed for this interest was planted during her associate degree at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, WA., and grew further upon receiving two bachelor’s degrees at Central Washington University.; a B.F.A. in fine art and a B.S. in chemistry. Tarra’s first solo exhibit was with the support of the Ronald E. McNair scholars program. She received funding for the research and development of a body of artwork and the experience shaped her interests today. Tarra currently lives in Ellensburg, WA., where she enjoys exploring the nearby hiking trails. She is a resident artist at Gallery One, and supports her artistic endeavors as a cook at Stovehouse in Cle Elum, WA.. She enjoys learning the ways chemistry affects every day cooking, as well as skills to implement in her everyday life.


Parents and community advocates founded Elmview in 1965 to ensure that people with disabilities could remain in their communities.  Through the years, the organization has grown, but our core purpose remains the same.  Elmview assists people to live full and productive lives in their communities. This studio is used by a number of Elmview clients as a place to learn and create art.


Patrick Stanton

Jeweler and Lego Artist
A resident of Ellensburg since 1989, Pat began his career by winning the coveted, “On the Fridge with a Dominos Magnet as high as he could reach Award” at a very early age.  Most recently his work has been seen in the Gallery One, Larsen Gallery, Sarah Spurgeon and Alley Cats Galleries.  His jewelry work is generally in Sterling, 14k Gold and Enamel.  He enjoys making personalized wearable jewelry; rings, broaches, pendants and necklaces, but has also ventured to the world of bicycle bells.

He is also regionally acclaimed Lego Artist.  It is a very small region, mostly his living room.

Robin Mayberry

Fiber Arts
Robin Mayberry is a mixed media maker who loves to create with textiles, paper and wax—sometimes all at once. Her work has been published in Sew Somerset and Somerset Studios, and has been shown in a number of local exhibitions. When not creating her own art, she loves to inspire others by leading lively, hands-on demonstrations and workshops.

Danielle (Danney) Parkins

Mixed Media, Collage, Photography & Digital Alteration, Writer

Danney is a multi-media artist, marine zoologist, educator, writer, and master gardener; she is a curious soul that enjoys experimenting. One day she could be pressing seaweed, and the next collaging with beeswax. She’s even done research on snails with the scanning electron microscope. Working across many different media, she uses her watery themed art to gravitate viewers to the unusual, sometimes humorous depictions, and often to voice environmental concerns.

Becky Parmenter

Fiber, Mixed Media

more info to come

Jacque Trujillo

Painting, Drawing

Jacqueline Trujillo is a Utah Native currently living and teaching in Washington. Trujillo’s artwork explores the personal narrative through familiarity and memory. The work attempts to explain the precarious relationship between reality and recollection, finding the balance with honest expression and faltering memory. The intention of the locations is to comment on a sense of place that triggers the memories within. Through media manipulation, replication and/or image distortion, the imagery creates a fluid applied and solid result that borders between lucid and falsifications. The goal is to include what is remembered and expose what is not.