We envision a community in Central Washington in which everyone with an interest in the arts is given access to the visual arts through exhibits and education.

–   From the Gallery One Visual Arts Center Strategic Plan

 Yesterday’s Dedication

In 1967 an art exhibit was presented by the Ellensburg Study Club. Little did those women know their exhibit would give birth, a year later, to the Ellensburg Community Art Gallery (now called Gallery One Visual Arts Center).  The first director, Eveleth Green, volunteered her time for 30 years. Her skillful and selfless endeavors to build the gallery created a vibrant art center for the community to enjoy for generations.

Today’s Vision

As a milestone of our 50th year, Gallery One Visual Arts Center established a legacy fund large enough to breathe new energy into our artistic community. The fund will expand art education for children and adults, nurture new and established artists, facilitate collaboration between local artists and their peers, and infuse art into Kittitas County’s public spaces and non-traditional venues.

We envision the Gallery One Visual Arts Center Legacy Fund generating interest income while maintaining the principal that can only be used in extraordinary financial circumstances. In this way, donors to the fund will know their money will continue to work for generations. A pledge, bequest , or planned gift becomes a permanent legacy and provides benefits to Gallery One Visual Arts Center year after year, generation after generation, nurturing the community’s creative spirit.

Tomorrow’s Legacy

Join us in reaching our initial goal of $400,000 by making a gift to the Gallery One Visual Arts Center Legacy Fund. The Legacy Fund is set up to encourage giving in two different ways.

Pledge Drive — The immediate goal is to raise $400,000 in initial contributions. This figure is the benchmark amount in the policy before any funds can be used. Become a founding donor by making a onetime donation or distributing payments over a three-year plan. These gifts can be given in several ways:

  • monthly payments via the bank
  • visiting our website at gallery-one.org
  • writing a check
  • requesting an annual billing over three years

Upon completion of this goal, Gallery One Visual Arts Center can begin to use generated interest.

Planned Giving – Future gifts through wills and estates will continue the growth to secure Gallery One Visual Arts Center for the next 50 years. In contributing, you recognize the extraordinary value of art in our lives, and community, and for generations to come. Donations and planned gifts make a huge difference. Become a founding donor. The future of art in our community depends on you.

Goals for the Legacy

Artists – The Legacy Fund provides a conduit not only to assist artists through use of space, supplies, and professional support, but also to market and sell their work.

Art Education – Gallery One Visual Arts Center successfully provides art education to people of all ages. The gallery has recently piloted art education in schools. A Legacy Fund would enable us to enrich and expand art education programs.

Local and Regional Exhibits – Gallery One Visual Arts Center has been the canvas of Ellensburg and the region, maintaining free monthly exhibits and other socially significant art experiences. The Legacy Fund guarantees continuation and expansion of these activities.

Partnerships and Physical Footprint – The success of owning and renovating the Stewart Building has heightened community involvement in art exhibits and education. The Legacy Fund further expands and enriches art exposure to the region.

Sustainability – Being good stewards of Gallery One Visual Arts Center’s resources is important to ensure art and art education for the next 50 years.

Benefits & Options for Planned Giving


  • Protect what you love. Is it children’s art, contemporary art, the clay studio, a creative community, arts education?
  • Preserve your assets. Take advantage of tax incentives.
  • Modify your plan at any time.
  • Ensure your values are reflected and your wishes are honored by making a plan.


  • Specific Sum of Money – You may designate a one-time gift.
  • A gift through your Will – A gift through your estate is simple and easy to make.
  • Tax-free IRA Charitable Rollover Gift – The IRA charitable rollover, also known as a qualified charitable distribution, is permanent tax legislation that provides retirees with an incentive to give to a nonprofit and avoid income tax on withdrawals.
  • Savings, Checking, or Investment Accounts – POD (pay on death) provisions can be added to any existing accounts.
  • Living Trust – A charitable gift can be made from a living trust account.
  • Real Estate – A gift of real estate can have numerous benefits.
  • A Gift in Memory or in Tribute – Your gift may remember or honor someone.

Note that the I.R.S. recognizes Gallery One Visual Arts Center as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Our federal tax ID number is 91-0850195

Give Today

Now is the time for us to continue this legacy for our children, grandchildren, and our community. Please consider making a contribution to support our Legacy Fund:

  • Become a founding donor by making a contribution now.
  • Make a gift through planned giving.

Let Us Know

If you have previously included us in your giving plan, THANK YOU very much. Please let us know so we can thank you and include your gift in the plans for the future of Gallery One Visual Arts Center. We are honored by your trust and commitment to the arts. We will honor all requests for anonymity, and you can always modify your planned gift if your circumstances change.

THANK YOU for considering Gallery One Visual Arts Center