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We envision a community in Central Washington in which everyone with an interest in the arts is given access to the visual arts through exhibits and education.

–   From the Gallery One Visual Arts Center Strategic Plan


Give today —  You can make a gift today through:

  • monthly payments via your bank
  • donate online
  • writing a check
  • transferring stocks

Planned giving – Future gifts through wills and estates will continue the growth to secure Gallery One Visual Arts Center for the next 50 years. In contributing, you recognize the extraordinary value of art in our lives, and community, and for generations to come. Donations and planned gifts make a huge difference.


  • Specific Sum of Money – You may designate a one-time gift.
  • A gift through your Will – A gift through your estate is simple and easy to make.
  • Tax-free IRA Charitable Rollover Gift – The IRA charitable rollover, also known as a qualified charitable distribution, is permanent tax legislation that provides retirees with an incentive to give to a nonprofit and avoid income tax on withdrawals.
  • Savings, Checking, or Investment Accounts – POD (pay on death) provisions can be added to any existing accounts.
  • Living Trust – A charitable gift can be made from a living trust account.
  • Real Estate – A gift of real estate can have numerous benefits.
  • A Gift in Memory or in Tribute – Your gift may remember or honor someone

Goals for the Legacy

Artists – The Legacy Fund provides a conduit not only to assist artists through use of space, supplies, and professional support, but also to market and sell their work.

Art Education – Gallery One Visual Arts Center successfully provides art education to people of all ages. The gallery has recently piloted art education in schools. A Legacy Fund would enable us to enrich and expand art education programs.

Local and Regional Exhibits – Gallery One Visual Arts Center has been the canvas of Ellensburg and the region, maintaining free monthly exhibits and other socially significant art experiences. The Legacy Fund guarantees continuation and expansion of these activities.

Partnerships and Physical Footprint – The success of owning and renovating the Stewart Building has heightened community involvement in art exhibits and education. The Legacy Fund further expands and enriches art exposure to the region.

Sustainability – Being good stewards of Gallery One Visual Arts Center’s resources is important to ensure art and art education for the next 50 years.

Note that the I.R.S. recognizes Gallery One Visual Arts Center as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Our federal tax ID number is 91-0850195

Give Today

Thank you to our donors who contributed $4500 and above to the Endowment Legacy Fund

Terry Abeyta
Catherine & Dale Bambrick
David & Carol Cross
George Ras & Mollie Edson
Brad Fitterer
Elizabeth & Brian Frederick
Jim & Katie Gaudino
Patricia Cutright & Ken Girrard
Virginia & Grant Green
Carla Kaatz
Tabitha and Joel Klucking
Lisa & Kent Lester
Mary Ann Macinko
Marty & Kathy Miller
Steve and Sydney Moe
John Flink & Julie Petersen
Ann Redmond Blais
Paul and Terri Schaake
Don Solberg
David & Roberta Soltz

Thank you to our donors who contributed  $1500- $4499 to the Endowment Legacy Fund

Judy & Phil Backlund
Monica Miller & Justin Beckman
Sam Bicchieri
Linda Chaney & Michael Burtness
Lisa Davidson
Shawn & Bethany Davis-Corrigan
Mary Frances Dondelinger
Joan Smith & Edward Duncan
Carol Hassen & Bob Fisher
David and Corina Fiske
Anita Plumb & Joe France
Dennis and Teresa Francois
Bruce & Elise Herman
Wendy and Kirk Hinckle
Joe Clifford & Mary Hubbard
Lynn & Karen Jenison
Karen Johnson
Sherry and David Kaufman
Rachel & Jason Kirk
Yira Korte
Lesley Mcgalliard & Rich Layman
Richard & Virginia Mack
Marji Morgan
Joan & John Neubauer
Jane Orleman
Julie Prather
Jean Putnam
Larry and Linda Sharpe
Joan and Edward Duncan Smith
Libby & Warren Street
Ramona Swann
John and Alicia Winbauer

updated March 5, 2024