Tiana Bolden

instagram @sierrabstudio

I have been a master creator all my life. I am open to the use of all forms of mediums of art, whether it be from nature, manmade pigments, sounds, words, colors, forms, and shapes of all kinds. I am an exuberant explorer of the human senses and avidly take part in understanding and enjoying the human experience. I understand myself and the world around me through the creative process. I see myself as a vessel for grand emotions and a channel for divine inspiration and creation. I share with the world my unique perspective as someone living in the body of a mixed race, gay, gender nonconforming person. I bring to the world insights from a life lived within many different cultures, places and dimensions. I hope to invite new questions into our collective consciousness.

The Light From Within

acrylic paint, watercolor paint, tumeric, gold foil, colored pencil, 16.5 x 20.5 inches


 Reminder to Rest I

acrylic paint, 16 x 22 inches

The Vessel

tumeric, gel pen, copic marker, 5 x 7 inches