Tarra Hall


Tarra is a Central Washington artist and her oil paintings and mixed media drawings are inspired by the chemistry and science surrounding her. She held a dual interest as a child; driven to both the exploration of the natural world and the art supplies splayed out through her home. She attended Big Bend Community College, expanding on a dual interest between the arts and the sciences. Tarra studied further at Central Washington University, double majoring in art and chemistry. Her first research project, supported by the Ronald E. McNair scholars program, focused on the artistic representation of general chemical reactions through oil paintings and mixed media drawings. Since then, she completed several self-driven projects, ranging in inspiration from the science of pigments, color theory, flavors and aromas. Tarra currently lives in Ellensburg, WA, where she is a resident artist at Gallery-One. She facilitates workshops focusing on the foundations of color theory and oil painting, sharing not only artistic knowledge but the chemistry that can affect one’s artistic practice. In between work, she enjoys local hikes and camping trips, and experiments with recipes to share with family and friends.

Color of Taste: Umami
oil on canvas, 11 x 11 inches

Watercolor and Color Pencil on Bristol, 16 x 23 inches

Natural Dye: Indigo
oil on wood, 11 x 14 inches