Samantha Lee

Hello. 🙂 I’m Samantha. I have a hundred interests and there’s not enough time in the world for all the things I want to create. When it comes to art, I’ve delved into subject matter that ranges from political statements to social statements, to erotic art and to pop culture. Sometimes I get really infatuated with people in history and paint something as a tribute. I’m a huge fan of great minds, interesting characters in fiction, and deeper concepts. Some pieces have layers of thought, life experience, reading or underlying meaning. Some things were purely just for fun, experimentation or learning. I sketch and journal my ideas. I paint on canvas and digitally. So that’s a little bit about me. 🙂 I also write and read. I like trying random active things such as roller blading and rockwall climbing. I cherish family, friends and the ongoing path of personal growth. I also love sushi and small dogs. ♥️

The Conductor

framed digital print, 36 x 24 inches

Irene Sendelrowa

acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24 inches


digital painting on canvas, 16 x 20 inches