Samantha Birks Fisher

I have always been fascinated by mark making. When I was in grade school I wrote in a special text I created by squaring off every curve in penmanship. I would turn in every assignment in this strange text that resembled 80s computer font. I took note in my mind constantly of the different ways people write and draw. One friend of mine used to peel back the corners of his notebook paper obsessively and worked so much on his very deliberate writing style that every thing he turned in had this aged, intense feel. I’m not really sure other people noticed this, but I did. I would always try to copy the different ways people wrote, changing my signature and style depending on whatever fascinated me that week. Many girls liked to use that bubble style of writing that instantly gave itself away as feminine. Sometimes with a heart for the dot on the “I”. There was a blend of boredom in mundane schoolwork and joy in the of the aesthetics of pencil on paper, ball point pen on a post it note, or the special way you might fold a note for a friend. I am tapping into these dormant memories of an analog world that is disappearing. The paintings are visual document of the act of trying to remember and make sense of memories, both personal and cultural and creating a space on the canvas that gives the images and text a home. I want them to recede and advance; to be both fresh and embedded with history.

Karma: There and Back Again

oil, pencil, acrylic on gesso board, 36 x 36 inches

In the Beginning

oil, pencil, acrylic on gesso board, 72 x 36 inches

Same Shit Different Day

oil, pencil, acrylic on gesso board, 36 x 36 inches