Rose Spodobalski

I started my stained glass adventure by taking a class offered by a family friend in 1986 on Fort Lewis, WA. There I made my first two pieces using the lead channel came method.  From there, I learned the copper foil method of wrapping each piece and soldering them together.  Most of the pieces I made were given away as gifts until I moved to Ellensburg and met Kass and Lucky, who had a glass studio in the Davidson Building that I could work in. The first piece I made there was a 300+ three pink flamingo piece that was a gift for myself. This piece hung in my front window for 15 years until I moved to a different house. During the pandemic, a shed in the back yard was emptied and converted to a studio. It’s small but it works for me. I have been making smaller pieces now in my spare time and have sold at holiday bazaars.  As I ready for retirement, I hope to spend more time on my work, make more custom and original pieces, and sell to others.

Sugar Skull
stained glass, 9 x 8 inches