Roderick Taylor


The intention of my art is to excite new experiences and moments that drive viewers to tell their own story. I began early as an artist, but began to take it seriously a few years ago. My education in engineering and experience as a teacher flavor my art and regularly provide wisdom that inform my process. As a creator, I love creature design, paleoart, imaginary technology, and the human figure. My creations blend science, imagination, and emotion into art that has story and mystery. I revel in stretching my mind wide to design and ideate, then focusing and retracting towards execution of my plan. Importantly, I see life as a continuous journey of growth and live for the process of learning deeply and integrating what I learn into myself and my art.

Rhino Caravan
digital, 2 x 3 feet

Gulper Goblin

digital, 14 x 10 inches

Emberok Phoenix
digital, 8 x 12 inches