Roderick Taylor


I am a new father with a love for art, science, and math. After a degree in Civil Engineering, I taught physics and calculus for ten years at a small private boarding school on the Central Coast of California . Although teaching is enormously creative I wanted something a bit more personally expressive. I began to improve my drawing skills and dabbled in digital art.  When my wife wanted to go back to school here in Ellensburg I saw an opportunity to dig deeper. For the past half year I have dove into creating art and raising our son. I am excited for a chance to share some of what I’ve worked on and to keep learning.

Tourmaline Depths
digital 2d,  11 x 16 inches

The King

digital 2d, 7 x 10 inches

Holmesina Septentrionalis, Extinct Giant Armadillo
digital 2d, 41 x 13 inches