Roddy Taylor

Roddy Taylor is a self taught artist who has dabbled in movie making, sculpting, and game design but inevitably returns to the two-dimensional image. An early education in civil engineering, his career as a science educator, and raising his four year-old son have all flavored his art and growth. Whether it’s the human figure, mythology, monsters, rockets, paleontology, or nature his creations blend science, imagination, and emotion into images that seek the dramatic moment.  Roddy revels in stretching the mind wide to design and ideate, then focusing and retracting towards the execution of a plan. For him, life is a continuous journey of growth and the process of studying, observing, and learning is fundamental to his developmental as an artist. His current project is a series on Celtic mythology inspired by the Pre-Roman/Pre-Christian art and religion of Western Europe.


Rhino Caravan
digital painting, 36 x 24 inches

Ampulex compressa, Emerald Cockroach Watch

mixed media (digital and pencil), 5 x 7 inches

Visiting Boann’s Well
digital painting, 20 x 24 inches