ONLINE PechaKucha Night

day, March 12, 2021
7pm – FREE
YouTube Live

As the year anniversary of the first round of Washington State shutdowns approaches, we ask community members to share how they have been spending their online time, at school, at home, and in the workplace. Join us for this popular community event to explore how we are all connected/tangled in the World Wide Web.

Check back soon for a full list of Vol. 22 speakers and a link to the event. 

Confirmed speakers:
Karen Berg
Samantha Birks Fisher
Johnny Graf
Banu Jayamani
Sara Omrani
Tiffany Price
Barry Shelton

To see videos of other PechaKucha events in Ellensburg, hosted by Gallery One, visit

Stephen Rock shared this after his presentation: “A big Thank You for hosting our work at Gallery One and for all the energy you guys put into making the space so great – Pecha Kucha was great also and are so glad we could participate.”

Lindsay Morris shared this after her presentation: “… sharing a personal story can create connection and hit a nerve in a room full of strangers. We are all in this together and we have a responsibility to do something.. and we are! PK is a perfect example of bringing people together to connect!”

Christina Miller said this on Facebook: “This was a very special night in our small town, a Pecha Kucha night hosted by @galleryoneart with a huge array of speakers talking about education in some form. how we learn, why we learn, how technology is changing the way we learn, how important hands on and independent learning is, even just how what food we serve kids is transforming them. It was the perfect blend of people and I left feeling filled up because sometimes you really really need that. When the to do list is never ending and it seems impossible to juggle family and work life you need others to tell their stories to you to remember why you do what you do ‪#‎pechakucha‬ ‪#‎pechakuchaeburg‬”