Patrick Stanton

A resident of Ellensburg since 1989, Pat began his career by winning the coveted, “On the Fridge with a Dominos Magnet as high as he could reach Award” at a very early age. Most recently his work has been seen in the Gallery One, Larsen Gallery, Sarah Spurgeon and Alley Cats Galleries. His jewelry work is generally in Sterling, 14k Gold and Enamel. He enjoys making personalized wearable jewelry; rings, broaches, pendants and necklaces, but has also ventured to the world of bicycle bells. He is also regionally acclaimed Lego Artist. It is a very small region, mostly his living room.

Diamonds and Sapphire Ring
14k gold, diamonds and sapphire, 1” x1”

Aquamarine Ring
aquamarine and 14k gold, 1 x 1 inches

Double Diamond Ring

diamonds, 14k gold, 1 x 1 inches