Nikole Dixon

Nikole and Joy Dixon are a mother-daughter team who are based in Washington State and specializes in Filet Crochet Paintings. Joy was born in western Colorado and taught herself to crochet at a young age. Her grandmother introduced her to filet crochet and how to make and follow the pattern to create an image. She has completed about 100 pieces in the last few years. Joy also became very interested in photography in high school and has had art shows in Seattle, Ellensburg, and Wenatchee over the years. Nikole was born in central Washington. Her mother’s love for art and the visual art displayed around the city and at the university along with her own creative drive allowed her to experiment with a variety of mediums and styles. She went on to get an Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices degree at Cascadia College. She takes the beautiful pieces her mother creates and enhances them with color. In one of Nikole’s college art class, she received an assignment as a home project. That night she walked into her house and pointed to the hibiscus filet crocheted panel hanging in the kitchen window. Telling her mother that she needed that same pattern doubled to use for the project. Once it was crocheted by Joy, it was stretched on large wood dowels, and an outer frame was added to give the appearance of a window. Nikole then painted the image a vibrant crimson. During the unveiling, the professor insisted on showing the entire class and talked about getting it into a women’s health center along with it being more of a thesis piece than that of a freshman-year at-home project. This initial creation and spur of the monument realization of what Nikole’s project was going to be has expanded their artistic style and created the understanding that art can be created with any medium. The Filet Crochet Paintings bring the past to life by maintaining the art of filet crocheting while reinventing it in the present. The uniqueness of the filet crochet medium as a canvas allows viewers to see there is beauty in all facets of life.

Mother Earth’s Womb
oil and shredded wax on canvas, 48 x 32 inches

oil painted filet crochet in wood frame, 53 x 32 inches

Oil painted filet crochet in wood frame, 52 x 43 inches