Lorena Marie Garcia

instagram: @artbylorenamarie

My artwork represents my own journey in life through the usage of color. My love of color starts from a young age. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by color from the bright orange and red walls in my childhood home kitchen, to the green walls in the living room and my periwinkle purple walls in my bedroom. I have always been surrounded by such beautiful colors that enhanced my imagination which had a direct impact on my artwork. Through the colorful landscapes and intricate detailed chameleon eye, I strive to create artwork that brings people happiness and comfort, whether it is reminiscent of the usage of color in their own childhood or love of color, I hope my artwork can bring joy to others.

Chameleon Kaleidoscope
oil paint, 24 x 34 inches


Agave Awakening
oil paint, 32 x 34 inches

A Desert Dream
oil paint, 32 x 42 inches