Gallery One is a beautiful space and I am so pleased to have shown here.

Andrea Alonge

There is an energy about G1 that I don't find in other venues. Between innovative fund raisers, classes for all ages and creative exhibitions you bring art alive for everyone.

Deborah Anne

I have shown work at Gallery One several times. Each time the gallery space and professional staff contributed to making the occasion a rewarding experience.

Gary Bailey

I was so charmed by Gallery One and the group of artists that exhibit here that I have looked to recreate this as a model for a gallery closer to home, but it is hard to match the crafty/arty vibe of Ellensburg.

Andrea Beck

Gallery One is where I made most of my longest lasting friendships.

Justin Beckman

I was involved with Gallery One practically from the beginning, when it was then known as the Ellensburg Community Art Gallery. It was the dream of one extraordinary woman, Eveleth Green, and it was her drive and effort that started and supported what turned into the gallery we have today.

Enda Bjorge

What year was it?! I was honored and excited to be part of an evening of Pecha Kucha. I had participated once before at an event in Western Washington, so I understood the format. It was way more fun at Gallery One!!!! The group was the perfect size to meet and talk with nearly everyone. I knew I had been invited into a truly original place of artists and patrons. The experience planted a big part of my heart in Ellensburg!

Jana Brevick

My memories of Gallery One are words of praise from other artists who have exhibited in this space: these are artists whom I admire. Other memories include the artists who live in this community and who have benefited from the presence of Gallery One in the quality of the exhibits presented, as well, the programs that contribute much to the community.

Lisa Buchanan

After receiving my MA at CWU (then CWSC) in 1971, I wanted to locate in Ellensburg, but was unable to do so. At the time I left, there was no Gallery One. Many years later, having become part of the Tieton community, I had the opportunity to participate in the Tieton Made show. I was astonished to discover Gallery One. It is truly remarkable.

Larry Bullis

Gallery One - back when it was the upstairs warren of fascinating spaces, with birds sliding down the skylight, and Eveleth as it's center - was my introduction to the art community of Ellensburg. Thanksfully, GO is still one of the centers of the arts, at the heart of Ellensburg.

Joan CawleyCrane

In July of 2005, my solo show at Gallery One was the first exhibit in the newly remodeled gallery. It was exciting. There is a photo of Governor Gregoire speaking in front of my print “Red Envelope” at the gallery on the landing. I have many fond memories of participating in Paint Ellensburg multiple times and for many years my handmade jewelry was available in the gallery gift shop. Thanks for the memories Gallery One!

Malpina Chan

I love this gallery. I'm very happy to be included in the fun, supportive, educational and exceptionally proficient artist's community which is Gallery One.

Lynette Charters

I remember receiving the call from Sarah Haven, asking me if I would like to exhibit my work. While I have shown my work around the state in various galleries, I have sought out that representation. Being asked to join the Gallery One community was an honor, one I couldn’t have been more thrilled to receive. Thank You!

Bernadette Crider

I volunteered at Gallery One when it first opened. Back then we entered via the stairs that come up from Pearl Street. What are now Artist Sudios were at that time little seperate Galleries. I remember many fun and exciting Opening's. Gallery One exposes us to new art, allows us to exhibit our own expressions, teaches us artist methods and practices, and allows us a sense of community and shared interest.

Mary Diefenbach Duke

I remember in 2003 living in Moses Lake soon after moving from New Mexico. I decided to take a drive and ended up in Ellensburg and hence G1 on a First Friday. The energy in the gallery was infectious and I knew right then I was going to be a part of this community and this gallery.

Michelle Elzinga

I had an upstairs studio that was a refuge, turned into a bird refuge in the end, as everyone was able to see when I was similarly blessed with a solo show, with wings in flight. My work continues to be supported by the friendships I continue to enjoy with Mary Frances and Renee Adams, as is my deep respect for Gallery One and how it supports community.

Brittany Faulkner

Eveleth and her crew were a pleasure to work with. They took risks and showed work that was good, not just popular.

Robert Fisher

A graduate of Ellensburg High School, I returned to live in Ellensburg after four decades away. I was just beginning to paint then, and art-making has always been important to me. I am delighted that the arts are important here and I thank Gallery One for its mentorship of the local artistic community and the educational opportunities it provides for the public.

Kimie Fujimoto

This gallery has seen me through many evolutions.

Jacquelyn Galbraith

When I consider the arch of my artistic career, Gallery One has been the one constant throughout it; from my formative years as CWU art student, to the ‘emerging artist’ appointment of my 20s and 30s, to my current status as ‘mid-career artist’, Gallery One has inspired, encouraged, facilitated, witnessed and supported the growth of my creative development.

Justin Gibbens

I had the pleasure of being invited to show my work at Gallery One by Carol Hassen in 2014 while she was still actively invovled in the leadership and vision of this amazing space. Carol's dedication to the arts and her community has earned Gallery One a pretigious role in contributing to many artists careers and the growth and support of the arts in Eastern Washington. I was proud to share the space with Cheryl Hahn, another wonderful painter in 2015 and to celebrate all of the successes of this organization with the community.

Kathy Gore Fuss

I've loved working with Gallery One as an artist, gallery visitor, and juror. It's the jewel of Ellensburg!

Cable Griffith

I exhibited my work at Gallery One in a September, 2015 solo exhibition titled "Perceptual Motion" on the Mezzanine level. I was impressed by the helpful, knowledgeable staff and the enthusiastic patrons who attended the opening reception. I also curated a 2001 group exhibition for Gallery One titled "Natural Causes" featuring the work of ten Seattle artists. I continue to be impressed by the quality and diversity of the exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and other outreach programs that are part of the Gallery's mission of promoting "community cohesion and arts appreciation".

Cheryl Hahn

My work has been exhibited at Gallery One for many years. Through all the changes it has always been an exciting and active show place.

Bobbie Halperin

The first year I decided to see what I could do with photography, I entered my first framed travel photo to a juried show at Gallery One. And was accepted! A new life had begun, thanks to encouragement from the Gallery.

Lynne Harrison

I was first affiliated with Gallery One during college in the l980s. I worked with Eveleth Green several times as a juror and was Executive Director from 2010-2014. Gallery One will always hold a special place in my heart.

Carol Hassen

This Gallery is very deticated to showing , promoting and teaching art.

Becky Hollenbeck

Gallery one afforded me the amazing opportunity to show much of my recent work together in one cohesive show. It is rare that artists are afforded the space to exhibit so much work together, and the opportunity was something that I am incredibly grateful for. Gallery one serves regional artists by giving them the license and trust to show their work in this sort of cohesive way. That, is invaluable.

Carolyn Hopkins

Gallery one is alwasy classy, always welcoming and friendly.

Shannon Johansen

Gallery One has been an integral part of my arts education over the past decades. I am always excited to see each new show, and always eager to participate.

Matt Johnson

Gallery One is a great place to be as an artist, whether you are just starting out or more established. I'm so grateful to be a part of Gallery One!

Jeannie Johnson

It has been my privilege to be associated with Gallery One (Ellensburg Community Art Gallery) as a working artist and board member.

Sherry Kaufman

After moving to Richland in 1965, I joined Allied Arts. Became aware of Gallery One, filled the car with paintings, and have continued painting pick-up and deliveries to Gallery One for the next 55 years. The stairs were a challenge, but kept me in shape! Watching the director hang paintings over the top of the stairs was worth the trip!

Kathryn Kaye

Gallery One, congratulations on your Golden Anniversary! I am excited at the opportunity to turn a big milestone in my life into a piece of this awesome celebration.

Katt Kelly

Only two years after moving to Ellensburg, I was invited to show my work at Gallery One with Seattle based artists June Sekiguchi and Romson Regarde Bustillo. I am so appreciative of this opportunity, which connected me with other artists and gave me a chance to share my art with the community. This show truly made me feel like a welcomed participant in the Ellensburg art scene.

Rachel Kirk

I remember visiting the gallery as a child and bringing my own children when the gallery was on the second floor only. I feel so lucky to be a resident artist and part of the gallery now.

Tabitha Klucking

Gallery One felt like a safe haven, something so accessible to the community, and most importantly, inclusive to all artists and forms of art.

Allyson Klutenkamper

Congratulations and thank you to all who, past and present, have made and continue to make Gallery One the welcoming, supportive advocate and center for the arts that it is in our Kittitas County community and beyond!!!! In the 45 years I have known and exhibited at the gallery, it has always been a vibrant non-profit, introducing art and artists into Ellensburg community in ever-expanding ways – presenting local, regional, and national exhibitions of all media and genres, providing venues for other artistic expression such as poetry and music, and offering art classes and workshops for children and adults. The ongoing dedication and vision of its directors and professional staff as well as that of its committed and seemingly tireless volunteer board of directors coming from all walks of life in the community are truly impressive!

Cynthia Krieble

Gallery One is a wonderful resource in Ellensburg, and a credit to the State of Washington!

Deborah Faye Lawrence

I have watched Gallery One grow and over the 40+ years we have lived in Ellensburg. It is one of my constant inspirations for art, beauty and creativity.

Linda Lundy

The impact of seeing Jane Orleman's show about her abuse experience has stayed with me for decades. I have always appreciated the gallery's willingness to exhibit strong art.

Scott Mayberry

I've had the chance to be part of Gallery One through exhibits, Paint Ellensburg, workshops and now as a resident artist. This gallery is a hotbed of creativity, possibilities and big-hearted support.

Robin Mayberry

I attended several Paint Ellensburg events before moving to Ellensburg in 2004 and the presence of a vibrant art scene and exciting gallery helped make my decision to make Ellensburg my new home. I've been pleased to be a member of Gallery One for several years and happy to participate in Paint Ellensburg, buy gifts in the gift shop, take a few classes, and attend many First Friday's and special annual events including the delicious Soup Line benefit.

Ruth McCauley

I appreciate the variety of work Gallery One displays. The Gallery has helped various social groups merge artistically.

Lynne McCowin

Gallery One welcomed me as a new resident of Ellensburg many years ago and has remained a touchstone of my life in this city.

Sharon Meredith

Loved exploring the variety of works on display during my visits.

Eric Newman

I have too many memories to briefly share from over 30 years of interacting with Gallery One going back to when it was the Community Gallery, during which time I've greatly appreciated it's contribution to the arts in the town and county.

Don O'Connor

I bought my first piece of art at the Ellensburg Community Art Gallery when it was located in the basement of what is now the Yellow Church. That was in the spring of 1969. Eveleth Green's son, Greg introduced me to the idea that I could be an artist. Eveleth continued to encourage me in the years to come.

Jane Orleman

My studio above the Palace was an art school for 24 years. I loved bringing students to visit the gallery every month. The steep flight of stairs entering the gallery were a dramatic entrance and each separate room was a discovery for them.

Elizabeth C. Otto

Gallery One is a very special place that is filled with friendly, supportive, highly capable and talented artists and staff. It has been an honor to show my work at such a lovely place.

Bonilyn Parker

The very first time I remember showing at Gallery One was in 1986 when I was a senior at EHS. They invited the local schools to show their work in the gallery. Fast forward 25 years when I was honored to have a own solo show in the same gallery. Thank you Gallery One for being an on going part of artistic career.

Tracy Petre

Well I did get married here, so… you know… Gallery One will always have a special place in my heart.


Gallery One is like an art oasis on the dry side of Washington providing sun, exposure, and fun to numerous artists as evidenced by this exhibition. It provides a wealth of different opportunities for artists to engage the community in many different forms to enrich the surrounding environs. Please continue the excellence!

Greg Pierce

Besides being a wonderful place to look at local art, Gallery One has always been my default shopping locale for frantic last-minute birthday, Xmas, and anniversary gifts!

Carl Rosser

Gallery One is a great place for the community to meet and discuss art, and a great place to work. I have been exhibiting at Gallery One all through my master’s degree and am honored to teach classes and workshops for artists of all ages.

Jacqueline Trujillo

I love Gallery One. It is a community that celebrates creation for the joy of finding expression and delight. At every step of the way, I have had encouragement and help from the staff.

Karma Ruder

The gallery was the second floor of the current gallery space and filled with natural light. It has always been a welcoming space.

Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand

Gallery One is a standout model of what a gallery can be. A place where art, artists and people blend in the most amazing ways. Lets keep it going for another 50.

Gary Severin

Loved having a studio upstairs for a few years. It is inspiring to be a part of the great diversity of art that Gallery One supports.

Mindy Siks

My proudest moment in the history of Gallery One was the ceremonial burning of the mortgage on the Stewart Building. Through the efforts of Mary Francis, the entire board and a very generous donor we were able to start the process that led to the current facility.

Skip Smith

I was invited to do a show at the Eveleth Gallery and it was an honor to work with the wonderful people at Gallery One. They were professional, helpful and kind. They run a top notch space.

Libby Sullivan

Gallery One is a precious gem in the center of Washington State. Long may it shine.

Joanna Thomas

Ellensburg is so lucky to have Gallery One and all the wonderful artists. I was fortunate to have one of my paintings included in a Paint Ellensburg postcard collection many years ago. I encourage people to walk through the doors of Gallery One to be inspired to create.

Mary Tosch

I recall climbing the stairs and walking through rooms of pottery as a kid. I love how expansive and creative Gallery One has been as a community member since 1968.

Susan Waddle

For me Gallery One is the center of our Kittitas Valley community. So glad it’s here.

Merrily Warren

Gallery One hosted my first semi-solo show in 18 years of hiatus and I am so very thankful for their ‘launch’ back into the art world!

Kathleen Woodward

I so enjoyed showing at The Ellensburg Community Art Galler years go. I am so glad to see that it is going strong as Gallery One and just as beautiful!

Nora Workman-Weaver

I first came to Gallery One for the 'Cut it Out' juried show in March 2016. I had been doing collage in an isolated bubble and it was a blast chatting with the other artists and talking with Deborah Faye Lawrence, the juror. I love Gallery One!

Chad Yenney

BOXX Gallery in Tieton was inspired by the wonderful community spirit of Gallery One. It serves as a reminder to connect art with everyone. BOXX added the extra component of helping the Highland Food Bank; we hope to inspire another community! Thank you Gallery One!

Karen Quint

Salon des Gallery One Exhibition and Anniversary Celebration

July 6 – September 1, 2018

Opening Reception & Anniversary Celebration: July 6, 5-8pm

Exhibit Sponsors:
Abracadabra Cleaning, Brainstorm Rehab, Eastside Automotive, Ellensburg Downtown Association, Frame Express, Kelleher Motor Company, Laughing Horse Arts Foundation

Hallway Gallery:
50th Anniversary Timeline and Photo Wall

Picasso Gallery:
JIV Art Auction

Main, Mezzanine, Eveleth Green Galleries:
Salon des Gallery One
Featuring over 170 artists who have exhibited in our 50 year history, Gallery One celebrates a milestone with cake, music by Chuck Boom and a full weekend of activities including artist studio tours on Saturday and a Founders’ Brunch on Sunday.

Exhibiting artists include:
Renee Adams, Sam Albright, Bonnie Lou Allen, Andrea Alonge, Jane Alynn, Deborah Ann, Gary Bailey, Andrea Beck, Justin Beckman, Rich Beyers, Edna Bjorge, Nick Bosso, Jana Brevick, Don Brontsema, Lynn Brown, Lisa Buchanan, Larry Bullis, Marti Canatsey, Joan CawleyCrane, Maya Chachava, MalPina Chan, Lynette Charters, Jason Clifton, Benita Cole, Edith and John Connolly, Marge Corman, Ken Cory, Bernadette Crider, Kay Crimp, Maria Cristalli, Patricia & Darwin Davis, Richard Denner, Mary Diefenbach Duke, Raven DiMaggio, Mary Dryburgh, Richard Elliott, Michelle Elzinga, Richard Fairbanks, Dixie Parker-Fairbanks, Brittany Faulkner, Bill Finger, Samantha Fisher, Robert Fisher, Becky Frehse, Elizabeth Freitag, Kimie Fujimoto, Jacquelyn Galbraith, Helen Gamble, Justin Gibbens, Kathy Gore Fuss, Eveleth Green, Greg Green, Cable Griffith, Karen Hackenberg, Cheryl Hahn, Bobbie Halperin, Lynne Harrison, Carol Hassen, Chris Heard, Becky Hollenbeck, John Holmgren, Carolyn Hopkins, Claire Edna Hurrey, Shannon Johansen, Matt Johnson, Jeannie Johnson, Kurt Johnson, Linda Johnson, Judy Kalin, Deborah Kapoor, Karen Quint, Sherry Kaufman, Kathryn Kaye, Katt Kelly, Lisa Kinoshita, Rachel Kirk, Tabitha Klucking, Allyson Klutenkamper, Louis Kollmeyer, Cynthia Krieble, Deborah Faye Lawrence, Randal Leek, Marty Lovins, Linda Lundy, Kelly Lyles, Billy Maguire, Mark Mahagin, Scott Mayberry, Robin Mayberry, Charles McGehee, Ruth McCauley, Cathy McClure, Dan McConnell, Lynne McCowin, M R McDonald, Sharon Meredith, Nancy Mesner, Joan Mueller, Kathy Murray, Kathy Nesbit, Eric Newman, Don O’Connor, Jane Orleman, Elizabeth C Otto, Bonilyn Parker, Becky Parmenter, Tracy Petre, Philippe, Greg Pierce, Jackie Prout, Karen Quint, Jeannie Rae Johnson, Carl Rosser, Karma Ruder, Margaret & Jim Sahlstrand, Gregg Schlander, Cathy Schoenberg, Gayle Scholl, Gary Severin, Sandra Sharpe, Lisa Sheets, Mindy Siks, Skip Smith, Ona Solberg, Ramona Solberg, Constance Speth, Sarah Spurgeon, Debby Spurgeon Neely, Laura Stanley, George Stillman, Libby Sullivan, Ramona Swann, Joanna Thomas, Sarah Thompson, Mark Timko, Merrily Tompkins, Mary Tosch, Jacqueline Trujillo, Susan Waddle, Matt Wainwright, Gay & Louise Waldmen Kodis, Merrily Warren, Beverly Warren, Louise Williams, Laura Wise, Nancy Worden, Kathleen Woodward, Nora Workman-Weaver, Chad Yenney and more!