Julie Prather

I started out making stained glass windows.  That process creates a lot of small scrap pieces.  What to do with all that colorful scrap.  Throw it away, or create something anew?  I have always hated our throw away society, so I came up with the idea of making lamps.  It was perfect because not only did I not have to throw these colorful scraps away, the lamps are also functional,  PLUS, they bring light and color to one’s home, PERFECT!  Problem solved!   In addition because people know what I do I also find their broken glass treasures on my doorstep.

I love that!  Now I have been making lamps for over 40 years now, and have created over 220 of them.  Hopefully, they bring joy to all those that have purchased them.


Spring Forward
recycled glass,  28  x  16.5 inches (with lamp base)

Goodwill Hunting
recycled glass, 24 x 16 inches (with lamp base)