Jessica Solberg Black

While I have been interested in photography for most of my life, it has only been a serious pursuit for the last 10-15 years. I am drawn to photography that captures or evokes an emotional response – pictures that tell a piece of a story, or give a window into another person’s life. I am also fascinated by the abstract and intricately colorful art found in acrylic paint pouring. In both of these mediums, I find that art is about connection with each other, connection with the world around us and connection with our creator. This means that my subject matter varies widely, based on what moves me. Prints of my work are available on my website.

My passion has always been to create projects that combine my love of movement, language, color, drama and faith into various artistic mediums; to use my art to convey life-giving, life-affirming messages; and in capturing a particular moment or story, help the viewer or reader see the world a bit differently.

Sunrise Flight

photograph, 12 x 8 inches (other sizes available)


Hope Will Arise

abstract fluid acrylic on canvas, 12 x 16 inches


photograph, printed on metal with white gloss, 28 x 16 inches