Jeannie Johnson

If someone were to ask what inspires me, I would say everything does. God’s creation inspires me! And I love old, rustic things—things that are sometimes forgotten in our technological age. My goal is to capture such moments in all of my work. I hope to remind the viewers of such moments in their own lives. I would describe my work as realistic—some might even say photo-realistic. However, some of my work leans more toward the abstract. It depends on what medium I’m using. I’m best known for my oils and acrylics, but when using encaustics, my work becomes more abstract. I enjoy working in all mediums. My favorite artist is Andrew Wyeth. I love how he gets so much realism with his abstract brush-stokes. I am inspired to do work like his but my work definitely has a lot more color in it. I do like color. I love painting the sky—night-time sky, sunrise sky, stormy sky; it doesn’t matter. There is just something about the sky in all its variations that I never tire of seeing and trying to capture on canvas. When I look at the heavens, it seems to me that God Himself is a painter. I cannot capture what He does, but I sure do like to try.

Rising to the Skies
oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches

New Day Rising
oil on canvas board, 10 x 20 inches

Drama in the Sky
oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches