Dick & Jane’s Spot, co-created with Dick Elliott, has been a living art site for 46 years.  In addition to our works, the yard art creations of over 70 NW artists add to the experience. The Spot has been included in travel guides, books, news articles and TV stories since 1982.

My personal interest is in painting. In 2004 we built a studio which has allowed me the freedom to paint on a large scale.  The primary focus of my painting is the exploration of psychological reality through symbolic narrative imagery. An intuitive process, my choice of symbols and colors and the inner world that I explore all combine to express my physical, emotional and spiritual life experiences.

The Magician’s Cloak
oil on canvas, 6.5 x 22.5 feet

A Time of Prayers & Promises

oil on canvas, 6.5 x 23.5 feet

Big Red

telephone pole, canvas, paint, clothing, purse and Volkswagon tail lights, 8 x 4 feet

“Big Red” a feature art piece at Dick & Jane’s Spot was first created in 1982. She gets new red outfits quarterly and has been totally rebuilt several times.