Edna Bjorge


I have drawn and painted all my life; I knew I would be an artist by the time I was five years old. I think I can date it to the painting of my first mural (on my parents’ bedroom wall!). I used my father’s oil paints, which were tempting me from his tabouret. I knew better than to paint on the portrait he had on the easel in the corner, instead I chose a large section of wall across from the painting. My Mom was horrified, but my Dad went straight out and bought me some art supplies of my own. Oddly enough, I focused on calligraphy, pottery and printmaking in art school, and didn’t get back to painting until much later. I worked with watercolor and oils for years, until I discovered pastels; it was love at first sight. I still paint with oils and watercolors, but I find pastels to be instrumental for portraying the light, color and atmosphere I find in nature. Pastels also allow me to freely express the intimacy as well as the drama of the moment, and for the past several years I have chosen to use pastels for most of my plein air work, as well as my studio work. More and more I find myself focusing on the landscape with a deep sense of urgency; to record not only the actuality of place, but the essence and spirit of the location as well. For me, making art is an ongoing life process. Through my paintings I try to help the viewer ‘see through my eyes’, and perhaps experience the same sense of wonder and mystery I find in the natural world.

pastel, 16″ x 20″

pastel, 12″ x 16″

pastel, 14″ x 11″