Drew Large’

From childhood to adulthood, an affinity for art has shaped my life.  Growing up a Washingtonian, I have been blessed to live and create art in such a diverse and beautiful part of the country; applying my passions for photography with the adventures of the great outdoors. Since graduating from the University of Washington, providing my contemporary background in Photomedia and Interdisciplinary Visual Arts, I strive to travel, discover and continue to learn as I create. With a heavy passion for photography and printmaking, I frequently utilize both mediums to express an idea or gain a new perspective.
Currently my focus has been travel photography here in the Northwest and beyond. I strive to work on projects that bring awareness to our natural and historical places as well as ones that promote their longevity. No matter the canvas of the current project, my on going goal is to always be passionate and maintain perseverance; staying intimately involved in revealing the story behind each creative endeavor. As an artist who is busy dreaming up fresh ideas, collaborating with others and constantly learning everyday, I love my work, and I hesitate to call it “work.”  I prefer the perspective of what I do as an exploration of creative thought. I’m always looking for a new adventure and pride myself in being a tireless advocate for creative thinking.

Waves at Shi Shi

photography, 36 x 12 inches

Umapine Water Tower 

photography, 36 x 24 inches

Ovis Canadensis

photography, 24 x 36 inches