Don O’Connor

I was born in California at a very early age in 1952. My artistic aspirations began early in youth when as a toddler I emulated my father who was an artist in the San Francisco Beat scene of the early fifties to the mid sixties. By the time I was of school age it became evident to me and others that I had artistic talent at which I could excel. In 1965 my sixth grade art teacher gave me the leftover acrylic paints from his high school art class, introducing me to the media that I have predominately used for most of my career.
By age twenty I had honed my manual dexterity and draftsmanship skill to render realistic drawing and painting. I was somewhat content with that being my definition of artistic endeavor until 1973 when I studied under an abstract expressionistic painter. Utilizing what I learned from that approach I produced my first series of paintings in 1975-76 which for me launched a lifelong quest of creative exploration and discovery.
In 1984 I moved to Ellensburg where I have since resided. The following year I painted the ”Roslyn Cafe” which gained international recognition in 1990 as the introduction and conclusion of the TV show ”Northern Exposure.”
By the early nineties I assessed the achievements of my career and realized it had been very eclectic. One attempt to articulate the style of my body of work led me to describe it as ”surrealistic neoclassical cubist impressionistic abstract representational-ism.”
In 1995 an artist friend exposed me to a new media he was experimenting with; holographic vinyl. Upon adapting this element as the main component of my creative process I have become focussed on the genre I have since been exploring and evolving with for the last twenty years, which I refer to as ”light reactive media.”


light-reactive media, 49″x27″

Sombrero Mandala

2018, light-reactive media

The Artist


Basin Cloudburst

light-reactive media, 44.5 x 53 inches