Devorah Greenspan

I have always doodled. I always liked pictures. Yet the traditional jump from doodle to visual art became “off limits” due to my eyesight. If you can’t see, you can’t draw a copy and learn form or the details of composition. I visually test around the administrative line for “legally blind.” Glasses don’t correct me to driver’s license acuity although my artistic life has been like stop and go traffic.

Visual art sets the information before the eye, hopefully in multiple layers of meaning. When drawing I don’t consider myself a “realist” genre artist, I don’t use rulers for drawing edges. I utilize recognizable forms, although perhaps rearranged, in conjunction with other lines and curves, adding in tonality, light and the idea of depth. I search for internal and external meaning. Intellectually I can and do compensate for the lack of visual information. This is my main artistic filter.

Digital photography augments my college study of history. In addition to capturing more than a snapshot, I seek to documents my surroundings. I use little post camera technology.
A few of my works are in private collections in New York and Washington State My artistic goals are to be able to continue. Now that I finally have the space to work, I find myself older, what has not rotted? Can anything grow?

Human Disease

digital journal, 11 x 14 inches

Purring Willow

digital journal, 11 x 14 inches

What Came Through

digital journal, 11 x 14 inches