Danney Parkins


Danney is one of those renaissance spirits, which brings quite a list of pursuits. She has done everything from pumping gas with a smile, to running a Scanning Electron Microscope in the San Juan Islands. Not only is she an artist, but also a marine zoologist, art instructor, educator and writer. One day she might be found drawing tree frogs, and the next she could be collaging with beeswax. The often watery themes of Danney’s work show through in a playful sense, bringing about the unity of nature, imagination, and mysterious beings. Being a scientist and teacher, she is inspired by natural history illustrations that combine investigation with a sense of wonder about the world. She uses creativity and experimentation to work within a wide variety of mediums, for example; mixed media, collage, photography, digital alteration, textiles, encaustic, art journaling, and even pressed seaweed. Her normal palate is upbeat, also sometimes natural and gritty, and her work gives a lively denotation of texture. Basically put, Danney likes to make stuff, and she makes it all happen in Ellensburg Washington, while still finding time for adventures with her family, her amazingly supportive husband, uber-talented teenaged daughter, and a couple of real cute puppies.

Hive #2

beeswax, mixed media, 8 x 8 inches

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. ~M.L.K

mixed media collage, scraps from mask-making, 10 x 13 inches

Polka Dot Artist Yayoi Kusama

mixed media textile, 8 x 6 inches