Addressing Contemporary Issues in Art
Friday, June 2 3:30pm – 4:45pm @ Elmira Building

Paul Rucker will give an artist talk about his award winning body of work “Rewind” on exhibit at Gallery One. Paul will share some context for his work and offer insights into his creative process.  Nichole DeMent will share her experience exhibiting the work at the Center on Contemporary Art and act as moderator and provocateur for the session.


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Paul Rucker
Paul is an artist on a very determined mission not just to create compelling works of art, but works that prod and provoke the mind, body, spirit and conscience of this ethically embattled world of the 21st century. The geographical focus of Rucker’s intellectual, moral, and political concerns interrogate iconic images that signify terror and abuses to the civil rights of citizens of these United States of America.

Nichole DeMent
Nichole is an independent cultural producer with a passion for bringing people together to create stronger communities with almost two decades of experience in diverse non-profit arts positions.  As the Executive Director for Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) in Seattle she enjoys finding ways to empower artists and advance contemporary art.  Previously, she taught at higher education institutions in the region and was the Program Manager of Professional Development at Artist Trust.