Gallery One – Central WA Arts Confab  

Our 2016 Confab event was held June 3-4 at Gallery One Visual Arts Center in Ellensburg, WA      

You can listen to many of the archived presentations below.

Click on the podcast to listen to each presentation:

      1 Confab - Success Way Out there

      2 Confab- Demystifying Public Art

      4 Confab - Dave Waddell - Dangers in Artmaking

      5 Confab - Creating a Lasting Legacy - Nichole DeMent

      7 Confab - The Cultural 1% from the NRA to NEA

      8 Confab - Advocating for the Arts

      9- Confab - Teaching Artist Training Lab

      Monica Miller Interviewed by Jampa Dorje

CLICK HERE to find out more about Confab. Our next event will be in 2017.