Cascadia Field Guide: Art, Ecology, Poetry

April 20, 7:00pm

Join us for a reading and celebration with Liz Bradfield, Andrew Gottlieb, CMarie Fuhrman, Maya Jewell Zeller, Justin Gibbens, Jack Johnson, Katherine Whitcomb, and Xavier Cavazos.

Cascadia Field Guide brings together art, poetry, and stories holding scientific, sensory, and cultural knowledge to celebrate and illuminate Cascadia, the diverse ecoregion stretching from Alaska’s Prince William Sound to Northern California and from the Pacific Coast to the Continental Divide.

​This unique book contains 13 communities (from Tidewater Glacier to Shrub-Steppe) and 128 beings (from Geoduck to Cassia Crossbill), offering any reader, local or visitor, a new way of connecting-–with heart and mind and body-–to place.