Calista Graaff

I have had my hands in almost all creative mediums and I use that experience in what I create. That keeps things interesting for both me and the viewer. So many people settle for mass produced images to hang on their walls that don’t stir any emotions. I think art should make you feel something or at least help you recall a memory or place that means something to you. I like to change my use of materials to make something unique based on a theme or a color palette. A lot of my art reflects what I’m feeling at the moment so you will see periods of darkness then transitioning to brighter colors or bolder themes. I’ve learned that if I try to make something that I think others want rather than what I’m interested in, the finished product never seems right or maybe falls flat. Therefore I “go with the flow” and see what happens. My art appeals to those who like the unconventional, the unexpected, the deeper meaning. I work in my small studio on the family farm making industrial modern furnishings using reclaimed materials for my other business as well as my artwork found at This gives me a chance to switch gears frequently to keep my creative juices flowing when I run into a mental block on what to create next.

Resistance is Futile

paper collage and acrylic,  30 x 16 inches

Memory Forest

paper collage and acrylic, 24 x 30 inches

Human Robots

paper collage and acrylic, 30 x 24