Alexandra Epstein-Solfield

I was inspired to start painting again after a 20-year hiatus by the shapes, colors, and light specific to Central Washington’s landscape. It is an attempt, on my part, to place permanency on the things I see around me in nature. I find watercolors are the ideal medium for capturing gradients in tone: ochre hilltops transitioning to indigo canyons, and they are portable. My approach is to play with fluidity within tightly controlled parameters. I start with a loose watery underpainting and my intent is always to leave parts of that visible in the finished piece, but I never do. So, lately, rather than fight my tendency to “overwork” a piece I have decided to embrace it and just dig in as deep as I can.

Yakima River Canyon
watercolor & ink, 9 x 12 inches

San Juan Island
Watercolor & ink, 5×7

Sunrise Lake
Watercolor & ink, 5×7