Amy Simons

Sofia Romero

April 5 – 27, 2024

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Main Gallery & Mezzanine:
Io Palmer & Amy Simons

Io Palmer hails from Hydra, a motor-free Greek haven off the Peloponnese. Exploring societal complexities through art, she crafts pieces blending class, capitalism, and excess. Originally a ceramicist, Palmer now employs diverse mediums like fabric, steel, and sound. Her works grace global exhibitions from Senegal’s Dakar-International Arts Biennial to New York City. Notable solo shows include those at the Boise Art Museum and PDX Airport. Palmer’s artistry extends to international residencies, grants, and prestigious fellowships, alongside her role as a professor at Washington State University.

Amy Simons is an artist based in Bellingham, Washington. She earned a BFA in ceramics from the University of Washington and an MFA in printmaking from Arizona State University. Amy’s foundational training in ceramics and textiles have shaped her approach to constructing work, but she loves printmaking for its qualities of surprise, the reversal, and the medium’s ability to open up new pathways or habits of thought.

Amy’s Statement

These are woodcut collages. Woodcut prints because from each whole comes many parts, and collages because those parts together become another whole. They are shape shifters like us, navigating roles as both individuals and parts of collectives.

I look at how bodies in proximity become shapes drawn together, repel one another, or hold tension in the space between. How do bodies become ecologies of mixed beings – assemblages of minerals, microbiomes and humanness, further mixed with memories of our past selves and promises of future ones? The compositions I create are speculative relationships.

By printing on both sides of transparent paper different relationships are illuminated in changing light. Monumental but weightless, the forms breath and sway in response to your presence; impacted without direct contact. Contrasting with the colossal, details in each print invite closer attention; focusing care for individuals within the flock.

I am interested in how we organize ourselves, what patterns we generate intentionally, subconsciously, by luck or mistake. My studio practice is one of trusting and practicing emergence: working in simple, direct interactions that unfold into complex entanglements. Till resonates with this approach – till, as in glacial, unsorted and fertile, offering reflection on the past. And till, as in agriculture, highly patterned and preparatory, cultivating abundant futures.

Eveleth Green Gallery:
Flights of Fancy
Sofia Romero

Artist Statement

I have always been enamored with nature. I cannot recall a time when I was not a wannabe forager, a birdwatcher, or an animal enthusiast. I was lucky to spend a lot of my childhood outdoors, which solidified nature as one of my biggest artistic inspirations.

I am drawn to what I see as a vast symbolic potential that we have cultivated with the natural world by evolving alongside it. I like to find and illustrate connections between species of animals, colors and plants, along with exploring personal memories, perceptions, and fears.

Lately, my focus has been strengthening my observational skills through wildlife studies.

Through painting, drawing, and sculpture, I embrace my love for nature and my own growing canon of symbolism.

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