Paint Ellensburg, 2022

September 1-29, 2022

Main & Mezzanine Galleries:
Benefit Art Auction Exhibition

opening reception: September 1, 5-7pm

Gallery One’s signature multi-day event will include an exhibit of donated items, the return of Artists in Action, and conclude with a dinner and a live auction at the Hotel Windrow.

Eveleth Green Gallery:
Luminous Contours
Bobbie Halperin

Bobbie is generously donating a collection of her work to our Benefit Art Auction. You can bid online starting Friday, September 1 at 5pm. More art auction info HERE.

Ten years ago Bobbie Halperin began to move from painting directly to working more indirectly. She began cutting up canvases on which she had already painted and rearranging the pieces until something new emerged. Recently she has been able to extend this technique using computer graphics. Instead of cutting canvases physically, she does so electronically and employs print media. Since previously working in etching, silk-screening and woodcutting, this process became very appealing to her. Additionally, digital printing comes close to lithography, a medium which she had always wanted to explore, but never had the chance.

Bobbie’s technique started with scanning painted sketches (not paintings), mostly abstract, using Photoshop to manipulate them as with her “cut-ups.” She also works without scanning using the drawing and painting tools in Photoshop on elements from past print sketches. The results are printed using a high quality inkjet.

Her recent discovery of the process works both ways. Her “direct” painting (which she never abandoned) is influenced by her Photoshop manipulations, allowing her to sketch first graphically and then paint.

Hallway Gallery:
Swann Song
Ramona Swann

Ramona Swann is a retired US military veteran and federal employee. After retiring from a 40 year career in 2010 she relocated to Ellensburg, Washington. Swann loves exploring the world, visiting museums and studying art and artists. Before joining the military she was an avid painter and since retiring has commenced with gusto. She draws inspiration for her oil paintings from life and considers them autobiographical in nature.  The work on display represents her life in sobriety, her love of family, her travels and, coffee of course! You can learn more about Ramona in her book, Confessions, Rants and Exploits of a Civil Servant.

Community Gallery:

Rodeo Color Wall