Linley Logan

Jaimie Cove

October 6 – 22, 2023

First Friday Opening Reception October 6, 5-7pm
Exhibit Sponsor: Patricia Cutright & Ken Girrard

Main Gallery & Mezzanine:
AlterNative Views
Linley Logan, Camas Logue, Alex McCarty, Fox Spears

Eveleth Green Gallery:
Sea-Through: Low Tide
Jaimie Cove

“Man is not above nature, but in nature.” – Ernst Haeckel

Radiolaria is a micro-marine protozoon that creates its shell out of silica. This material is found in clay, which continues to be one of my main mediums. This soon grew to include wood, stone, fabric, and various materials. Regardless of the medium used, I typically reference the Radiolarian art depictions by Ernst Haeckel.

After finally being able to visit the coast a few years ago, I am inspired to somehow bring the wonder of the vast ocean into my creation process.

These processes, mostly reductive, grant me the opportunity to show that seeing into and through something can give it an entirely different meaning. How does an object change once it’s lost most of what made it “whole”?

After a piece is completed, I run my hands over it, no longer able to remember how it felt when it was whole. It is not the same as when it started, a change that cannot be reversed. Much like when waves reshape the stones and shells it tumbles to shore. I implore you to reminisce about things past, to embrace how wonderful they can be after evolving into something new, or simply- to enjoy the simplicity.

Hallway & Community Galleries:
McConnell in Ellensburg
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