Anna Fidler

Laura Ahola-Young

Molly Hueffed

Cheryl Renee Long

August 4 – 26, 2023

First Friday Opening Reception August 4, 5-7pm
Exhibit Sponsor: David Fiske – Edward Jones

Main Gallery & Mezzanine:
Anna Fidler, Shantell Jackson, Ellen Picken

Anna Fidler makes paintings from sheets of handmade grid paper, cut-out stencil shapes, invented symbols penned in ink, and flat, matte repeated and mirrored forms that work together to express her experience of energy—something that cannot be directly seen, but experienced intuitively. In 2019, Fidler shifted her practice away from the figure, no longer needing a body to describe energy. Fidler states, ‘Energy without a body is expansive, open, free. I paint beyond.’ The work shown in Nightwatch emphasizes the artist’s geometric approach to painting with the moon as a focal point.

Shantell Jackson is a multidisciplinary artist who creates in process, each piece or creative journey starts internally and flows outward to create colorful, rhythmic, textural work. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Shantell currently resides in Spokane, WA, and curates The Chase Gallery. Through her work in the community and as a visual artist and writer Shantell hopes to take all her disciplines to create installations and performance art pieces that explore the human condition contemporarily and historically, in order to create dialogue across differences, that will build bridges and forge acceptance, and healing.

Ellen Picken was born and raised in Spokane, WA. While she is only 5’2″, she can scale a three story building with a gallon of paint in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. with many artistic outlets, her main motivator these days is designing and installing large scale murals and loves working with the public to create art that they love to live with. Her works give shape to dreams, describe the turning of the Earth, coincide with the cycle of a life. She earned her BFA from Eastern Washington University. Her clients include Google, Adobe, Volkswagen, New York Department of Transportation, numerous architectural and interior design firms, private individuals and non-profit community groups.

Eveleth Green Gallery:
Algae, Ice, and Moss….
Laura Ahola-Young

Laura received her MFA from San Jose State University in 2001. She currently resides in Pocatello, Idaho where she is an Associate Professor of Art at Idaho State University. Originally from northern Minnesota, Laura has been influenced by landscapes, winters, ice and resilience. She is currently developing work that incorporates scientific research and personal narrative.When painting, Laura is actively creating while simultaneously destroying. She thoroughly develops meanings and imagery in paintings and then covers and reworks with glazes, scraping and mark making. What remains the same throughout the painting process is the structure they are forced upon. The structure is both paper and an open narrative, leaving evidence of her search for a completed work – enough of a layer that she begins to believe in a structure’s identity and memory. They have a history, casualties and moments of clarity.

Community Gallery:
At Water’s Edge
Molly Hueffed

Molly is a Pacific Northwest Artist who discovered clay while working as a molecular biologist at UW. She took her first ceramic class long after college and was immediately captivated by it and thereafter found herself in the clay studio with every free moment. It quickly became clear, art was more in alignment with what she wanted in her life. Molly loves to paint and use her ceramic as a canvas to explore color, design, mark making and texture. Growing up close to the ocean, as well as years in science field, has greatly influenced her signature design elements. She frequently draw upon those memories to create new patterns and shapes.

Hallway Gallery:
Desert Dreams and Mountain Vistas
Cheryl Renee Long

Cheryl’s slogan is “Protect What You Love” and her love of the natural world is evident in her art and intended to remind others of their own love for nature. She creates using watercolor in her Ellensburg studio, but her art also reflects her many travels, reflecting a lifetime in the American west and her fascination with birds, mountains, deserts, forests and the sea. Her spiritual practice ties in with the natural world and includes a healing energy form called Attunement. Her paintings are infused with this energy, joy and love through careful observation of the natural world. Cheryl also teaches painting classes at Gallery One.