Maria Cristalli

Andy McConnell

September 30-October 29, 2022

Main & Mezzanine Galleries:
Rhythms of Renewal
Maria Cristalli & Andy McConnell
opening reception: October 7, 5-7pm

Even retrograde rhythms move forward, and renewal allows the old to become new in a different way. Maria Cristalli and Andy McConnell chose the title, “Rhythms of Renewal” because it responds to each of their unique artistic practices and rhythms of life. They breathe life into recycled steel and wood, adding time and vision, and through personal alchemy, transmute them into unique works of art.

Maria Cristalli applies her 30 years of forging experience with hot iron and both physically and mentally shapes the once cold steel bars into forms that look as if they are alive and are trying to communicate with the viewer.

The new series of works Andy McConnell created for this show are abstract reflection on how we as a community manage differences, keeping in mind that we are all interconnected. His hope is that we will use our connections for good.

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Hallway Gallery:
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