Will Bow

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Gallery One’s exhibit receptions are held on the first Friday of most months in conjunction with the Ellensburg Art Walk.
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January 21 – February 19, 2022
Opening Reception: February 4, 5-7pm
Meet the Artists: February 19, 11am

Main Gallery & Mezzanine:
Found Footage
Will Bow & Samantha Birks Fisher

For our first exhibit of 2022 we feature two local creatives, Will Bow and Samantha Birks Fisher. Each uses personal imagery to convey a love of community and connection.Will Bow is a Roslyn-based muralist, member of PUNCH Projects, and a painter who dabbles in blacksmithing. His quirky portraits and imagery depicting themes as varied as skateboarding and houses on stilts celebrate rural life, nature, individuality, and connectivity.

Samantha Birks Fisher is an Ellensburg painter who creates narrative works relying on nostalgia, a collage sensibility, and a pure appreciation of marks and brushstrokes on surfaces. The familiar images of our collective memories of pop culture America serve as hieroglyphs in an evolving language. Her paintings start off extremely intuitive and slowly take shape as the layers are built up like an old wall that has been graffitied, painted over, scrawled on, stained, stickered and painted over again. The history of the painting is laid bare on the canvas and the historical context of the images create a language that is both personal to her and hopefully relevant to the viewer as well.

Eveleth Green, Community and Hallway Galleries:
Annual Gallery One Members’ Exhibition

Many of our gallery supporters are also artists, and we set aside our first exhibit each year to showcase their works. One of the many benefits of being a member includes participation in this annual show.