Blue Bear Puppet Lab

Doug McKee

James Cady

James Cady

August 6-28, 2021

First Friday Art Walk:
August 6, 5-8pm
Exhibition Sponsors:
Cashmere Valley Bank – Pam Wilson
Cashmere Valley Mortgage – Kent Lester

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Main Gallery & Mezzanine:

Blue Bear Puppet Lab
What the Puppet?!

This gallery event includes the work of members of Blue Bear Puppet Lab, a 9 year organization of artists who have been designing, building, organizing and performing the puppets, props, floats and costumes that make up the Arts Parade for the Buskers in the Burg event for the last 9 years. Included in the exhibition will be puppets from the parade, as well as puppets from previous theater productions, photographs of events, workshop opportunities and a hands-on exhibit for those who want to “try their hand” at the art form.

At the heart of Puppetry is storytelling. In a performance the characters can interact with each other (and frequently the audience) in order to allow the story to unfold. In this exhibition the puppets will be on display rather than actively performing. Each puppet has storytelling in them, even when they are standing perfectly still. Every puppet was built for a specific performance and includes colors, textures, and sculpts that give hints of who the character is and what they might be up to. Maybe you will find yourself making up the stories.

Blue Bear Puppet Lab is a volunteer driven organization with a “here, hold this…” approach to art making. In scheduled workshops, all adult members of the community are invited to come into the lab and see what’s on the slab. We recruit all skill levels and actively teach all the techniques we use in puppet making to all volunteers involved in the process. This community centered collaborative environment bolsters creativity and teamwork for everyone from beginners to seasoned performers. If you enjoy working with us, please continue to volunteer. Volunteers from earlier workshops make up the majority of the Blue Bear Puppet Lab organizational team.

Come share the puppet experience with us. Sharing builds community.  Welcome to our community.

Eveleth  Green Gallery:
Doug McKee
2020 Exhibit Award Winner

Each year one artist is selected from the Kittitas County Open Show for a solo show of their work. This year’s artist, Doug McKee, carves unique animal-inspired skateboards out of wet, freshly cut wood. Sea creatures, birds and bugs are just a few of the fantastic shapes that will be on display.

Hallway Gallery:
Remembering Jaymes Cady

A student of his surroundings, Jaymes Cady was never at a loss for inspiration.  He loved fiercely and painted with everything from whimsy to melancholy, from rage to joy. His art was an extension of his inner voice, full, vibrant; an impressionistic rainbow.   Throughout his life in Ellensburg, he always enjoyed interacting with his community of friends, the hustle and bustle and the changing seasons, drawing inspiration from it all.   It was ‘magical’ as he put it.
Pablo Picasso once said : “painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”  And Jym Cady loved nothing more than to fill his diary up.