Romson Regarde Bustillo
June Sekiguchi
Rachel Kirk
Alyssa Willard

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April 1-30, 2016

Reception: April 1, 5-8pm

Gallery One’s exhibits open on the First Friday of most months in conjunction with the Ellensburg Art Walk.
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Main Gallery and Mezzanine:

Logic of Chance
Romson Regarde Bustillo, Rachel Hall Kirk, June Sekiguchi
Gallery One has paired three artists who create process-oriented, pattern-based work constructed through the layering of imagery. Romson Regarde Bustillo uses the medium of printmaking to make intricately patterned and colorful tapestry-like works. Rachel Hall Kirk uses pastels and other mixed drawing mediums to represent patterns from nature and the universe to develop a deeper understanding of her surroundings. Through the medium scroll saw cut wood patterns, June Sekiguchi creates a layered visual vocabulary that is at once geometric and organic.  These forms collide and expand and layer in a uniquer interaction with their environment while addressing cultural identity, cross cultural exchange, and personal narratives.

Eveleth Green Gallery:

Subdued DuplicityAlyssa Willard

Alyssa Willard works with a variety of media, and is influenced by an array of subjects. All aspects of the Earth’s system fascinate her. The formation of rocks, the formation of storms, the evolution of life, the math behind nature, as well as how other people have viewed these systems and concepts all inspire her.

Her current body of work was created in conjunction with her undergraduate thesis, which focused on the relationship between art and science and how an intermingling of the two is essential for technological advancements within our society. Her exploration of advanced technologies are meant to emulate the complexity of nature.