Cheryl H Hahn
Kathy Gore Fuss
Alison Spence
Robin Mayberry

September 4-26, 2015

Reception: September 4, 5-8pm

Gallery One’s exhibits open on the First Friday of most months in conjunction with the Ellensburg Art Walk.
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Main Gallery

Kathy Gore FussThe Industrious Forest

Kathy Gore Fuss is painter who lives in Olympia, working in oils on canvas and linen panels. Geometry, light and space inform the structural foundation of her paintings. She has had a lifelong affinity for both the urban and wild forests as they offer beauty, solace and a seminal connection with nature. The weather conditions, the seasons, the time of day, the light and the environment – all of these elements shift with such frequency that she must work with a certain sense of urgency. The forest challenges her to exist in a constant state of flux, to maintain a connection to the massive ecosystem while wrestling with the fragile, yet significant place she shares with it.


Cheryl H HahnPerceptual Motion

Cheryl Hahn’s latest body of work illustrates how she views the universe as a constantly moving and evolving essence. She has harnessed the energy of ubiquitous forms found in nature, forms that pulsate, push, grow, flow, glide, shift, sift, sway, and soar, either in a state of construction or deconstruction. Such forms include pod-like clusters and other biomorphic representations. These “representations” are often sensuous and appear to be “pregnant” with life. Many of the works feature sweeps of linear mark-making including “life lines” that appear as undulating red bands. The compositions are layered with what for her is the “writing” of nature, and the viewer is invited to delight in the harmonies and mysteries that these visual poems reveal.

Picasso Gallery

Robin Mayberry & Alison Spence Summer Artist Residency Exhibit

This summer Gallery One granted a one month residency to two artists from our community. Robin Mayberry and Alison Spence have spent August working in one of our upstairs studio spaces. In September they will reveal what they have both been working on.