Scott Bailey
Jodi Rockwell

October 2-31, 2015

Reception: October 2, 5-8pm

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Main Gallery

Scott BaileyAnthropogenic Landscapes

The landscape has traditionally been seen as a manifestation of awesome forces of nature beyond our control, but noting the rapid changes in global ecosystems that are attributed to human influence, scientists increasingly believe we have entered a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene. From the layers of new chemicals and radioactive elements now found in the geological record around the world, to the visible effects of construction and overpopulation, examples of anthropogenic impact have become ubiquitous.

These facts, along with the contemporary technology that has given us unprecedented means of understanding terrain, have forced a shift in Scott Bailey’s strong relationship to the world around him. Traditional plein aire painting does not make the same sense to him that it once did as a strategy for representing the earth, now that there are so many other new ways to know it. Contemporary technology helps us map and characterize every corner of the world, allowing us to study or create detailed virtual models of anyplace from anywhere, and allowing new realms of inspiration.

Scott acknowledges landscape’s palpable spiritual power with painterly and expressive textures, but at the same time he appreciates the beauty of data derived geometric representations of nature and sees new opportunities for source material. He is interested in the contrasts between the analytical structure of the land forms and the handmade, painterly expressions the sublimity of those locations inspire. With landscape as a central motif, Scott finds himself continually searching for visceral expressions of the challenge to remain fully human in a world simultaneously augmented and corrupted by technology.


Jodi RockwellVessel Landscapes

Gravity and time weigh on all living things. The cause and effect of fluid materials colliding with rigid surfaces creates a tension in this series of work reminiscent of land formations and the body. The interior contains a colorful liquid found in the natural world that speaks of a memory of place, a psychological state or a reflection of another time. Whether sculpture, drawing or installation, Jodi Rockwell’s work emphasizes the dual concept of the human experience as both highly personal and universal.

Picasso Gallery

Cindy Deck Sketchbook Drawings

Cindy Deck presents a new series of drawings.