COVID-19 Protocol for Gallery One 

Updated August 2, 2021

Because Kittitas County is in a high transmission area of COVID-19, Gallery One will require masking regardless of vaccination status for all activities and regulate the capacity of the public spaces.

We have taken the following steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

  • Masks are required at all times
  • Hand sanitation stations available throughout the first and top floor
  • Plexiglass barriers are installed at the front desk
  • Signage requiring masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizing are placed throughout the space as are floor markings where necessary
  • Following General Requirements and Prevention Ideas per Dept of Labor and Industries
  • We are doing our best to prevent the spread of COVID and to adhere to the CDC and County recommendations. We care about your health first and foremost. Please adhere to the following guidelines.  Our goal is to minimize, if not erase, any possible exposure to any other community member.  Should you have any special circumstance, need to clarify, or take exception with any of the below, reach out directly to  In a quickly changing world, these are subject to change. We appreciate your diligence and CARE for each other.


  • Mandatory face masks unless isolated in a work space away from others.
  • Social distancing is recommended.
  • Refrain from coming in if you exhibit any sign of illness and do not come in if you have a fever.
  • Follow sanitary processes throughout the facility.


  • Allow work at home for all employees when work duties can be performed at home.
  • In-person meetings are still allowed
  • Schedule front desk staffing on Google Calendar.
  • Sanitize spaces after use.

For artist residents:

Follow all protocols above. Please bring in supplies to sanitize your own space.  You do not need to wear a mask if you are the only one in your space but please still wear a mask when in the public gallery spaces.



  • Must be able to properly wear a face mask for the duration of the class.
  • If you are attending a workshop with members from the same household, you may sit closer to each other.
  • Refrain from coming in if you exhibit any sign of illness and do not come in if you have a fever.
  • Follow sanitary processes throughout the facility (use soap, hand sanitizer, keep doors propped open).


  • Review protocol with students at the beginning of class.
  • Model proper mask wearing at all times in the gallery and classroom spaces. Thank you in advance for helping us achieve a positive experience through your positive attitude.
  • Set up your class space to maximize distancing between individuals not belonging to the same household. Please feel free to move the tables upstairs in any formation that works best for your class.  If your class has been scheduled for use of the courtyard as an outdoor classroom, you can also move tables around to fit your students needs.
  • Limit items that need to be shared between students as much as possible by providing  enough tools for the enrollment of students when possible. Some large items might be commonly used, ei the printing press.
  • Keep all doors and windows open as much as possible to give the optimal air flow our spaces will allow. The classroom has two windows and two doors that open.
  • Sanitize tools, tables and other used surfaces at the end of your workshop/class.

Facility Rentals and Tours

We will consider facility rentals and tours on a case by case basis.  We are currently not considering any activities that will have food or drink. Walk-in (no reservation) groups are welcome so long as they do not exceed the maximum capacity of any one space.

First Friday
We are participating in the Ellensburg First Friday ArtWalk and will follow our current protocol.