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Catherine Bambrick (Past President)

Raised in Skagit Valley, Catherine had the privilege of working on her parent’s tulip farm, instilling a deep appreciation for rural life. In 1983, she enrolled at Central Washington University, where she discovered both a love for the region and a lifelong partner, Dale. Choosing Ellensburg as their home, the couple forged a lasting connection with Gallery One through their children, who practically grew up within its artistic embrace, participating in art camps and classes that played a pivotal role in shaping their artistic growth.

Committed to preserving the gallery’s influence, Catherine serves on the board of directors, ensuring the gallery’s legacy for local children. On a personal level, the art installations at Gallery One hold special significance, providing a regular dose of inspiring art and contributing to her family’s love for Ellensburg. The gallery remains invaluable, symbolizing the intersection of art, community, and Catherine’s commitment to enriching lives.

As the Administrator of Astria Toppenish Hospital, Catherine passionately dedicates herself to providing exceptional healthcare to rural communities.

Greg Beach

Greg Beach actively serves on the Gallery One board, drawn by the vibrant community it represents and his admiration for the people associated with the organization. Having owned and operated the Valley Cafe’ in downtown Ellensburg for 39 years, Greg, now retired, is committed to contributing to the factors that make Ellensburg an outstanding place to live, with Gallery One holding a special place in that commitment. Married to the talented artist Kathleen Beach, known for her skills in painting and set design, Greg appreciates the artistic essence Gallery One brings to the community.

His dedication to Gallery One stems from his love for the people involved, both in staff and on the board, as well as the community members attending events. Particularly, Greg highlights the Kittitas County Juried Exhibition as a source of admiration, emphasizing its role in showcasing the diverse talents of the community. In his retirement, Greg Beach continues to play a crucial role in enhancing Ellensburg’s cultural vibrancy through his active involvement with Gallery One.

Barbara Bicchieri

Barbara Bicchieri, originally from suburban Washington DC, relocated to Ellensburg five decades ago when her husband, Marco, secured a position at Central Washington University. Nestled in an old farmhouse outside of town, Barbara embraced rural living, navigating the challenges as an academic and while raising a family. Her profound appreciation for art extends beyond its intrinsic value to how it enriches both individual lives and the community at large.

In the Ellensburg artistic landscape, Gallery One holds a pivotal role in this enrichment. Barbara emphasizes its significance through diverse shows, programs catering to all age groups, art-centric social events, and steadfast support for local and regional artists. Having been a supporter of the Gallery for nearly its entire existence, Barbara resonates with the notion that “art repositions our sight and our judgment.” Now, as a dedicated board member, she aims to contribute back to the Gallery, expressing gratitude for the enriching experiences it has provided her over the years.

Ann Blais

Ann Blais, originally born in Ellensburg during her parents’ college years, spent her childhood in Seattle but maintained a constant connection to Eastern Washington through visits to her grandparents. Retiring in 2011 from her role as General Manager of Corporate Brand & Marketing Research at Microsoft, where she gained extensive experience in marketing, research, public relations, communications, and executive speechwriting, Ann and her husband shifted their lives to Cle Elum in 2013.

Establishing a ranch in the Teanaway Valley, Ann embraces an active outdoor lifestyle, tending to horses and cultivating hay along the river. A dedicated community volunteer, she engages with organizations such as the Seattle Symphony Board of Directors, Leukemia Board of Washington, and actively supports the Cle Elum food bank at Hopesource.

Passionate about art, Ann discovered Gallery One upon moving to Cle Elum, captivated by its design, content, and community spirit. An avid amateur oil painter, she frequents the gallery, participates in classes, and supports local artists. Eager to contribute, Ann aspires to blend her commitment to community and art, aiming to assist Gallery One in its growth and achievement of goals in the years to come.

Becky Craig – President

Becky Craig and her husband chose Ellensburg as their home due to its central location for business, family, and friends. Though not identifying as artistic, Becky considers herself a creative individual who holds great admiration for those with artistic talent. Desiring to support the arts within her creative capacity, she appreciates the role of Gallery One as a focal point for creativity in Ellensburg and Central Washington.

Fascinated by the collaborative spirit surrounding the gallery, Becky cherishes the individuals who recognize and reciprocate the gallery’s significant contribution to the community. The flexible and open space of Gallery One resonates with her, contributing to its appeal. As a supporter of creativity and artistic endeavors, Becky seeks to play a part in encouraging and contributing to the vibrant artistic community fostered by Gallery One in Ellensburg.

David Cross

David Cross, a native of Ellensburg, has been a practicing pharmacist in the community since 1971. During his time at Central Washington University (CWU), he forged a friendship with the son of Gallery One’s founder, Eveleth Green. Passionate about cooking, especially with a penchant for chocolate and hearty fare, David values the Gallery as a platform to showcase his culinary skills to patrons.

Reflecting on his experiences, David fondly recalls the glass sculpture installation by Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman as his all-time favorite exhibit at Gallery One. He was captivated by the technical precision and dramatic impact of the art. Beyond the physical space and the opportunity to witness exceptional art, David appreciates Gallery One for its role as a nexus that connects the community in diverse ways. He perceives Gallery One as the heartbeat of the local art community, embodying a central and vital role in fostering artistic connectivity in Ellensburg.

Patricia Cutright
Ken Girrard

Patricia Cutright and Ken Girrard relocated from Brooklyn, New York, to Ellensburg in 2010 when Patricia assumed the role of Dean of Libraries at Central Washington University. Ken, having completed his Masters in Printmaking at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and Patricia, previously serving as Director of Libraries, bring a rich background in the arts and music to their roles.

The couple, with a history of board service and community involvement in eastern Oregon and New York, joined the Executive Board of Gallery One. Patricia’s leadership in library administration and Ken’s expertise in printmaking contribute a diverse skill set to the board. Their shared passion for the arts and extensive experience in community organizations enhance Gallery One’s governance, aligning with the couple’s commitment to fostering artistic and cultural vibrancy in Ellensburg. Patricia and Ken’s journey from the bustling art scene of Brooklyn to Ellensburg reflects their dedication to contributing to the local arts community through Gallery One.

Michelle DenBeste

Michelle DenBeste made Ellensburg her home during the pandemic. Recognizing the significant role Gallery One plays in the community, Michelle is eager to deepen her involvement in her new residence. With a profound passion for both art and education, she envisions fostering stronger connections between CWU and the local community.

Driven by a desire to contribute meaningfully to Ellensburg, Michelle is committed to supporting Gallery One’s longevity and expansion to benefit a broader audience. Having a background in nonprofit work, she brings valuable experience from serving on the Reel Pride Host committee for many years. In that capacity, Michelle played a pivotal role in organizing one of the country’s second-longest-running LGBTQ film festivals, providing a vital resource for Fresno’s LGBTQ community. Her dedication to community engagement and her love for Gallery One reflect Michelle’s commitment to enhancing the cultural fabric of Ellensburg.

Mollie Edson

Mollie Edson, originally arriving in Ellensburg as a college student, found a lasting home in the vibrant community and never looked back. Enamored with Ellensburg’s sunshine, art scene, intriguing people, outdoor opportunities, and proximity to Seattle, Mollie embraced the laid-back lifestyle. Raising five children who have temporarily ventured away, she remains optimistic that no one can resist Ellensburg forever.

An active contributor to the community, Mollie renovated a building in historic downtown Ellensburg, operates an art gallery, and chairs the board of Ellensburg Community Radio, a community radio station. Serving on Gallery One’s Board of Trustees for an extended period, she takes pride in witnessing its evolution into a remarkable community resource. Inspired by a lofty vision set by a past board president, Gary Severin, Mollie and her fellow trustees continue their pursuit of making Ellensburg the “ART center of the galaxy.” Her enduring commitment reflects Mollie’s dedication to fostering artistic and cultural prominence in Ellensburg.

M. Eliatamby-O’Brien

M. Eliatamby-O’Brien (they/them) moved to Ellensburg from British Columbia in 2017 to teach at CWU, and currently directs the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program there. They’re an active participant in anti-racist and DEI initiatives throughout the CWU campus, and work with LGBTQ+ organizations in town to help make Ellensburg a more inclusive place for both current residents and newcomers. Their professional work focuses on identifying and sharing how creative narratives and artistic works by refugees and forced migrants, as well as by LGBTQ+ individuals, help capture overlooked experiences within these communities.

Since first visiting Gallery One, they’ve found the gallery to be extremely welcoming space that clearly desires to foster inclusivity. Even before becoming a being a board member, they’ve appreciated how open the gallery is to hosting events that help support community organizations that provide needed space for minoritized groups, while also creating vital connections between many different groups throughout the county and beyond. They’re proud to be part of an organization deeply committed to making the arts accessible to all, and to using the arts as a means to build affinity and create a needed shared space for a diversity of people. When not catching up with work, M. can be found camping or visiting one of Washington’s beautiful lakes, enjoying their native garden, overcommitting to DIY projects, spending time with their human and non-human animal friends and family, and attempting to find new space for art.

Elizabeth Frederick

Elizabeth Frederick and her husband Brian settled in the Upper Kittitas Valley in 1973, marking the beginning of her active community involvement. Serving on the Head Start Advisory Board, the Cle Elum Roslyn School Board, and the Board of Health Advisory Council showcased Elizabeth’s commitment to community service.

In 1993, Elizabeth joined Gallery One’s Board, coinciding with a transformative period when the gallery acquired and renovated its current building. Her involvement witnessed the gallery’s growth into a regional visual art center, achieved through the dedication of a hard-working board, capable staff, and community support.

Passionate about art accessibility, Elizabeth values Gallery One’s mission to provide art opportunities for all ages and backgrounds, emphasizing the significance of art education. Her grandchildren’s participation in summer art camps offered by the gallery brought personal joy.

Elizabeth supports the gallery’s commitment to keeping fun in fundraising, creating a space where locals and visitors can unite to appreciate art and community. Her participation in the journey from a community art gallery to a regional visual art center has been a privilege, fostering a love for learning from the community members who made this transformation possible.

Rachel Hall Kirk

Rachel Hall Kirk, who relocated to Ellensburg in 2014 after joining the CWU Department of Art + Design as a drawing and foundations instructor, thrives on the vibrant artistic atmosphere. Her enthusiasm for creative endeavors led her to become a valuable member of Gallery One’s board, providing her with a direct connection to Ellensburg’s flourishing art scene.

A recognized artist with mixed-media drawings showcased nationwide, Rachel has appreciated Gallery One’s support in showcasing her work locally. Grateful for the gallery’s contributions to promoting the arts, Rachel sees her role on the board as an opportunity to reciprocate the support she has received. For her, being part of Gallery One is a chance to give back to an organization that plays a pivotal role in enriching the community through its commitment to the arts.

Wendy Hinckle

Windy Hinckle, having dedicated 31 years to teaching, channels her passion for the arts into volunteering on the Board of Directors at Gallery One. Recognizing the dynamism within the board, Windy actively serves on the membership committee, reminiscing about setting a membership goal of 250, which has now surpassed 500.

Arriving in Ellensburg in 1979, Windy found a cultural anchor in Gallery One, a place that not only introduced her to interesting people but also ignited her journey into art collection. Over the years, the gallery evolved into a meaningful community for Windy, fostering connections and continually exposing her to new artists.

Enthralled by Gallery One’s commitment to art exploration for all ages, Windy perceives it as a treasure that not only adorns her home with art but also provides invaluable opportunities for the community. Her dedication to the gallery reflects a deep appreciation for its role as a cultural hub and a source of meaningful relationships for individuals of all ages.

Lisa Lester – Treasurer

Lisa Lester and her husband discovered a haven in the Kittitas Valley with a cabin in the Teanaway, prompting them to seek a slower pace of life. In the process of relocating, they divested themselves of most possessions but kept essential items, art, and books. Their search for a new home led them to Ellensburg, where they found not just a slower pace but a better quality of life.

Attending an exhibition opening at Gallery One early in their Ellensburg journey, Lisa and her husband sensed an immediate connection to the community. Lisa, self-identifying as a wordsmith, has a diverse appreciation for various art forms, with her current passion revolving around building with clay. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Lisa enjoys gardening, preserving produce, avid reading, and harbors a secret love for animated movies. She also finds delight in CWU theatre, college basketball, and the company of her dogs. Lisa’s journey to Ellensburg reflects a pursuit of a more fulfilling and culturally enriched life, with Gallery One becoming a cherished part of that experience.

Drew Liedtke

Drew Liedtke and his wife made their way to Ellensburg in 2015, drawn by his pursuit of an MFA at Central Washington University. A year after completing his degree in 2018, Drew transitioned to teaching K-12 Art for the Thorp School District.

Since 2015, Gallery One has played a consistent role in Drew’s life. His engagement has ranged from viewing and entering exhibitions to selling items in the gift shop, bringing students for field trips, and even teaching classes at the gallery. Serving on the board now provides Drew with an opportunity to reciprocate the warm welcome he received from both the organization and the community years ago. Drew’s involvement reflects a deep appreciation for Gallery One’s impact on his life and a desire to contribute to its ongoing role as a cultural cornerstone in Ellensburg.

Marty Miller

Kathy Morse-Miller and Marty Miller were brought to Ellensburg by Central Washington University. After graduating, Marty embarked on a successful decade-long career as the owner of Eastside Automotive. Their paths initially crossed over thirty years ago when Kathy’s Toyota needed mechanical attention, leading to a lasting connection.

Both Kathy and Marty have been regular visitors to the gallery since the early ’80s. They hold a particular appreciation for the showcasing of local artists and the diverse array of art and programs offered throughout the year. The couple is deeply impressed by the creativity and competence of the staff at Gallery One. Grateful to be part of such an inspiring gallery, Kathy and Marty contribute to the vibrant artistic community, further enhancing the gallery’s role as a cultural hub in Ellensburg. Their longstanding connection with the gallery reflects a genuine admiration for its impact on the local art scene.

Patrick Stanton

Patrick Stanton, an Ellensburg resident since 1989, initially arrived to attend Central Washington University, focusing on Economics, Accounting, and Finance. After graduation, he married Jodi Hoctor from the well-known Ellensburg Hoctor family. Patrick has dedicated two decades to serving on various local and regional non-profit and social boards, including the Ellensburg Chapter American Red Cross, Secretary for the Ellensburg Masonic Lodge, the Grand Lodge of Washington F&AM Finance Committee, and Treasurer for Gallery One.

Employed at a regional university for over 20 years, Patrick currently holds the position of Controller. Additionally, he is a resident artist at Gallery One, receiving regional awards for his work, primarily in jewelry-making but also exploring creativity with Legos. Patrick’s playful side emerges through details like his favorite color being orange, identifying as a Sagittarian, and having a unique CB handle, “Punchy Roller.” His lighthearted personality is further reflected in his choice of a spirit animal, the three-toed sloth, known for indulging in plenty of naps. Intriguingly, Patrick boasts ownership of North America’s largest collection of Fisher Price Little People “Lucky” dogs.

Alicia Winbauer

Alicia Winbauer, the owner of Ellensburg Travel, finds joy in assisting clients with vacation plans worldwide. Having moved to Ellensburg to attend Central Washington University and subsequently establishing roots, Alicia has been an integral part of the Gallery One Board since 1998. Her commitment to the gallery’s growth and prosperity reflects in her long-standing involvement.

Alicia values Gallery One’s accessibility, witnessing how it serves as a vibrant hub for various individuals to partake in classes, exhibits, events, and more. One of her standout favorites was Cynthia Krieble’s show, likening it to impressionist painting, where the overall perception changes based on proximity.

With a keen eye on the future, Alicia eagerly anticipates contributing to Gallery One’s journey in the next 20 years. Her enduring commitment to the gallery showcases her dedication to fostering a cultural haven in Ellensburg, ensuring that more individuals can experience the diverse offerings the gallery provides.