Sam Albright

I love being part of the long history of making art. Humans have been sharing their experiences, telling their stories and making beautiful objects for some 40,000 years. We, as 21st century artists, are directly a part of that lineage.

Whatever the content, style or technique used to make the art, when successful, there is something of the artist captured within the piece that a sensitive viewer should be able to pick up on. When I stand in front of a great painting I see the image as well as the brush strokes put there by the painters hand, and perhaps even a bit of hair or grit left during the process.

Much of making art has to do with the craft needed to work with “real” materials like water, oils, ink and earth. After the skills and techniques of the craft are embodied then we hope some art will show up. The visual art that I am interested in has the highest level of craft while retaining a spontaneity and freshness. A painting refracts and reflects light, it has a physical presence in a room and each painting is, by it’s very hand made nature, a unique, one of a kind object that has time built into it.

I am currently working in oils and love to have visitors at my studio. Get in touch with me through Gallery One.

Valentina Fuentes
2018, oil on panel

Carnelian Sky 

2008, acrylic on canvas

Selfie-Lulu and Penny
2018, oil on panel