Rachel Hall Kirk


Patterns are a ubiquitous aspect of our universe. They can emerge from chaos or from perfect math, and anywhere in between. A beehive, a galaxy, a turtle shell, an atom, a mold spore – I am fascinated with and influenced by all.

My drawing process is guided by inconsistency and imperfection, the very things that make me human. In order to develop a deeper understanding of my surroundings, I strive to mimic those patterns that I find so mystifying. I begin by emulating a specific pattern or concept, employing a system of deliberate markmaking that celebrates, and is often guided by, the prospect of chance.

The sculptural book “Forty” is a systematic deconstruction and reassembling of those patterns. Cyclical in nature, it breaks down and rebuilds just like the ubiquitous cycles found throughout our natural world and universe.

After Laib 
2019, graphite, ink, acrylic, chalk, conte on paper

Forty (An Abstract Visual Autobiography)  
2018, wood, acrylic sheets, ink, Dura-lar film, LED light, nylon and metal hardware

Do Not Eat this Bagel 
2017, graphite, ink, chalk pastel on paper