April Showers Bring Artist-Made Planters
Online Auction

The auction is live! Shop here.

May 22 at noon – May 30th at noon

You will be required to create an account and enter your credit card info to begin bidding.

Bid on artist-made and designed planters to benefit Gallery One on our new virtual auction platform. To celebrate spring and our resilience, artists have created planters and we’ve even put the plants in them. All planters can be viewed in-person through the Gallery One front windows.

Once the auction is over, planters can be picked up at Gallery One on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12-2, and Saturdays, 10-1.

Bonilyn Parker

Crista Ann Ames

Sarah Haven

Becky Parmenter

Crista Ann Ames

Dale Loveland

Linda Johnson

Becky Hollenbeck

Dale Loveland