Patrick Stanton

As an artist, I like simple geometric shapes and basic colors.

One of the life experiences that we all have in common is childhood. We were all once children and saw things in similar ways. We saw things, not as they were, but as more of a stylized or archetypal version of what they were – and what they represented.

When people see my work, I’d like them to connect with it on a basic psychological level. I don’t mean that in a big brainy kind of way, just the opposite. It is best if they don’t really get why. If a ring looks like an eye, or maybe like a hub-cap or a spaceship, it stands a chance of making a connection with the viewer. And the connection can be different for each viewer.

To me this seems different than production jewelry. Production jewelry can be very beautiful, well-crafted and personally meaningful to the owner, but it goes by a known formula.

I like making things that are asymmetrical and less formal and that don’t necessarily break the rules, but sort of seem to be unaware that the rules exist.

I’ve lived in Ellensburg since 1989 and hang around Gallery One a lot.

Fire Agate Pendant

2017, 14K gold and fire agate

Champagne Diamond Ring

2018, 14K gold and diamond

Ellensburg Blue Pendant

2018, sterling and Ellensburg blue agate