Julie Prather


Julie Prather has been a working photographer, and stained glass artist for over 40 years.  She originally came from Southern California, before moving to the Seattle area in 1962.  She first moved to the Ellensburg, WA area in 1969, and has resided there, off and on, ever since.  Her passions over the years have been dance, photography, and glass.  When not doing one, she is doing the other.

Photography is in her blood.  Starting from a very young age her obsession with photography began.  Over the years her way of working has developed as the technical aspect has changed going from film to digital, from darkroom, to Photoshop.  The subject mater has pretty much stayed the same: women, flowers, ice, travel, water, old cars, nature.

Julie’s interest in glass also started at a very young age, but she didn’t start pursuing it until she was in her twenties.  Besides windows, lampshades have become her primary focus in glass.  She prefers to use broken glass objects, and them re-purposes them into free-form lampshades.  Her work using children’s drawings has brought 4 large commissions with the Art In Public Places Program with the Washington State Arts Commission.


Dancing into the Sunset

photo on canvas, 16″x20″


recycled glass, 26″x14″

The Holdup

photo on canvas, 20″x16″