Christine Dunlap


Christine Dunlap is an oil painter, watercolorist, mixed media artist, wife, and mother of two. Christine states that her “paintings are reflective of, but not static to nineteenth-century societal portraitures. My work is neither traditional nor contemporary, leaving the era from which it stems ambiguous and relatable. She has received several art awards for her work as a BFA student and is also the recipient of the C. Farrell Scholarship for Research and Fine Arts. Her research explored the “hidden self” as portrayed in nineteenth-century literature. She loves to create works that have a sense of calmness yet urgency while encouraging viewers to explore the conflict within themselves and to close the gap between “who we are and who we want to be.”

Prim Facade
2019, oil on canvas

I Will not Hold You to My Fate
2018, oil on canvas

Faded Bloom
2019, oil on canvas