Andrew Grove

As I look back at meaningful activities in my life, such as skiing, rock climbing, dance, music, friendships, I see a grand theme of seeking and keeping balance. On a spiritual plane, I sense a connectedness – of everything – which has led to a desire to manifest that connection as an act of balance. As an artist I follow my intuition and create works using (at present) stone, wood, and other materials to give life to that goal.

What do I mean by "Balance"? Look around, what do you see: a leaning willow: maybe a fence post about to fall over; perhaps a heron standing on one leg; or a bicyclist pedaling down a mountain trail. What do you hear:
several people in conversation, taking turns; a fair exchange of goods for a business transaction; musicians, all playing the same tune in rhythm and harmony. That's some of what I mean, equilibrium, harmony, fair play. The list goes on, everyone contributes.

Here, in this website, are displayed a few examples of creating, listening, and following. I hope they encourage
you to listen and look for manifestations of harmony and balance in your own life.


2018, mixed media


2018, photography

To Catch a Wave

2018, mixed media